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Gauges for my boat


Joe Woosley:
Hey guys and gals.... I put all new gauges in my 85 Youngblood over the winter but I was wanting to no a little bit more about these new MPH gauges with GPS. They look pretty neat but they are a little pricy. Didnít no if I should stay old school with the standers rubber hose going to the gauge. And Auto Meter makes them both for my set. Just thought I would check with my west coast friends out there because you guys are blessed to get to drop a boat in a glass all year round for the most part. I also sent another picture of a gauge that I canít seem to find out what it used to do. It no longer works so I am going to have to replace it with something. Didnít no if anybody could tell me what the purpose of it was. Again.... like always thank you all so much and yíall have a bless one.

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The new gauges look great. One of these years Iíll get new gauges and those are what Iíd get, just with blue bezels.
 I think the gps speedo is supposed to be a bit more accurate (donít quote me one that) and a cleaner install. Me personally, Iíd ditch the speedo have a glass shop fill in the hole and put the key and buttons in its place.
The ďalarmĒ clock on the other side might keep track of ďrun hoursĒ, the amount of time your boat has ran. Kind of like an odometer for a car. Kind of weird it has an alarm with a snooze button.
These are just guesses and opinions.
Except the gauges looking great. That is just fact.

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Joe Woosley:
Thanks a bunch man. The GPS is a little pricy for sure. So Iím still in limbo. Thank You So Much for the compliment on the look of the new gauges. Now we just need to get rid of all this dam snow and ice here in Ohio.

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