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Title: Ski Jet race at Salton Sea 1-23-1972
Post by: CJ123 on December 19, 2014, 05:53:29 PM
We used to race at Salton Sea (sometimes known as Salton Sewer) once or twice a year. This video is an early morning combined race with SkiJets and some outboards. The SkiJets were required to use aluminum log exhausts with all of the engine cooling water exiting out the exhaust tip. They were limited to 460 cu in, no droop snoots or diverters, offset steering & thru hull fuel fills. Riders were optional but very common.

The two main players in this race were Bill Pratt in a 17ft Hornet (yellow #454) and Jeff Paine in a 16.5ft Rogers (white #277). Both hull designs have a deep entry so the boats really carve a turn. Jeff wins, Bill is 2nd and 3rd goes to #95 (an Avenger hull, I think). Duration of the race was probably about 15-20 minutes and the course was a triangle, about 1.5 miles around. (