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Comp Jet race at Salton Sea 1-23-1972
« on: December 19, 2014, 06:38:48 PM »
This race combined Comp Jets and Mod Jets. The Mod Jets were limited to 480 cu in, headers, one 4 barrel carb & no droop. They were often Ski Jets that just swapped their log exhaust for headers. Comp Jets of that era were similar to today's rules except that the displacement was limited to 500 inches. Most ran 468 to 475 because it was an affordable combo. The jets had loaders and up-dn nozzles but cav plates were very rare. I can't recall any ride plates or turn fins.

In the race, Bill Pratt (#454) wins the start and the 1st turn, but Phil Trichler (#294) eventually runs him down and takes the lead. Then Jack McClure (#123) overtakes Phil for a while. Phil regains the lead with Jack chasing on his inside. When the checkered flag comes out, the two are very close. The video runs out before the finishline but I think I won by virtue of the inside lane advantage. 4th went to John Goddard in the MJ #214. Check out the turns by these Southwind style hulls that have no fin to help.


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