460 starter/alt/ign wiring

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« on: August 14, 2011, 01:44:21 PM »
Okay, first things first, I have been searching and found the Hardin wiring diagrams for the original setup.  I have a couple questions about my wiring as I found some melted wires and i'm just gonna redo the whole thing. 

MSD ignition (no ballast resistor required)
2-wire alternator
2-wire high torque starter
3 post starter solenoid (Looks like a ford oem truck starter)

Is it okay to run the single smaller gauge wire from the alternator straight up to the coil, and then to the terminal block on the back of the motor, or should it be ran to the terminal first?

My engine does not have a breaker installed, but the Hardin diagrams say that there is supposed to be one. Should I install one, and if so, what size?

How should I wire my electric choke?

I appreciate all input thank you!


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