bbc/sbc cranks

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« on: February 11, 2008, 08:09:27 PM »
so i have 2 cranks that have been in the corner of my garage for a long time, one bbc one sbc, i need help with info on them if you can, good, bad or indifferent, what are they worth etc.  i have been doing some research and this is what i have found out.

bbc  has 7416 cast on it with omt on the other end,  i have found out it is a 454/502 forged, cross drilled, 1053 steel

sbc has 3782680 cast on it with gm21, 66 and 21 cast in various places, the 3782680 led to find that it is a 327, forged, small journal, 3.25 stroke, 2pc seal

both cranks are in good shape, no indication of spun bearings or anything, just very dirty at this time, not rusted, just dirty from sitting, in the pics i had just sprayed them down to start cleaning the gunk off of them, i plan on taking them to the machine shop this week to find out what if anything has been done to them.  any info you guys can give me is appreciated, i have decided to sell them so i can add a diverter to forked up (can't be the only one without in june ;D >:D)
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