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« on: May 19, 2019, 07:43:12 PM »
Looking for some helpful tips on tried and true builds. I e got a 72 Taylor SJ and a gen V 454 I plan on punching to a 496. So far I have a eagle forged 4.25 crank, 781 heads with oversized valves 1.18/2.25, strip dominator intake, roller rockers, stud gurdle, lunati cam with 549 lift and 110 lobe separation.
I'm stuck on what dome size piston/rod set up to run. I Was thinking of 10.5:1, but a lot of people are telling me 10.0:1 would be better.   What size dome and length rod should I use, is my cam worthy of a 496, lifters? Push rods? Carb?  All sorts of questions lol.

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72 Taylor SJ, droop snoot, 15* wedge, on the way to building a kick ass 496 on a budget lol



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