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Title: Octane rating?
Post by: firefly on March 29, 2007, 08:10:45 AM
Just curious, I have a Hardin Marine 460 BBF, on the engine identifier tag it says to use 94 or higher octane. Obviously here in California the highest pump rating is 91, what do you guys do get it up to that?

Do you put in 91 and and then put in a bottle of octane booster? or...

Go to a gas station that has racing fuel, like Trick racing gasoline? or...

Could you just use 91 and suffer a bit of performance without damaging the engine?

or something else?

One other question i had with fuel, do you guys fill up your tank when in storage to eliminate condensation and water build-up in the tanks? We used to do this with our helicopters in the military. I ask this cause when i had it checked out and tuned up, the mechanic pulled a little bit of water out of the tanks, he said this was probably from condensation.

Title: Re: Octane rating?
Post by: Marcsrollin on March 29, 2007, 12:16:51 PM
My engine tag says the same thing so I asked a engine builder and he recamanded a octane boost and premiun fuel. I buy the booster from him , if you would like to talk to them they are called Nu Tech Race Engines and they are located next door to Joe at JP Marine.
Title: Re: Octane rating?
Post by: hotrod56cars on March 29, 2007, 03:51:48 PM
I read an in-depth article once that stated that at most gas stations the premium grade fuel sits the longest and you will actually get the best posssible octane rating with the best possible fuel by mixing premium (91) with standard (87) fuels. It's due to most people not buying the premium fuel which means it sits the longest underneath the gas station...

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