First Run Test and some questions

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« on: July 02, 2018, 07:04:18 AM »
Been a long time member but havent posted much. 

It has also been quite a project.  I got a 21ft Omega Open Bow that started life as an outboard boat.  Gutted it new floors/ carpet, Jet, 454,OT Headers Water injected,  new electrical, interior everything is pretty much new.   

Took it to Elsinore for its maiden voyage and had a decent first test run.  Had a few issues I want to list here and see if the group can help point me in the right direction.

1. Fuel system is 2 tanks to a Tee then 1 line to the Fuel /water separator then Holley Red Elec fuel pump to the carb.  All of a sudden we lost fuel pressure.  Couldn't get it started to limp it to the shore when I decided to just climb to the back and squeeze each line in the system.  Sure enough after that it was fine and no more problems. 
Any idea what would have caused this?  Wondering if I should remove the water separator and just run in line filter.  Tanks have new pickups and were cleaned prior to re install.

2. I am running one of those Blue Sea System Auto charging relay for the two batteries.  Voltage runs just under 12v when "on" and don't seem to ever see the led indicator come on that it is charging.  If I switch to both it jumps to around 14v.  I want to make sure I am actually charging but not sure if I am on "both" if it is charging or if it is just the two batteries combined.  Running 1 wire alternator. The big battery cable goes from alt to the starter then there is a ground wire attached in case I wasn't getting a good ground on the mount

3. My water lines are 3/8 @ the pump to -8an to 1/2 gate valve to -8an to pop off valve  to inlet on the block.  Then out the top it is -8an to overboard and -8an to basset t then to the headers.  Running hot at idle +215*  Have flow through the block.  My assumption here is my overboard line is too small.  Or all of them.  What should I do?  Once I got up to speed it came down.

My headers are Cut short.  Do they make extensions?  Or if I wanted to extend to get them over the back of the boat what should I use?

Overall boat ran good and got on plane.

And that is really all the issues I had besides some minor leaks and a stench when I got it home but I know how to fix all those. 

Any help is appreciated 



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