"Nostalgia Flat Official Rules"

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« on: April 09, 2007, 11:43:08 PM »
APBA & SCSC Revised Nostalgia Flat General Rules 

1) Required:  Minimum of 4 - 5 Boats.

2) Maximum length of 21'.  All boat hulls are to be twenty (20) years or older, or a similar replica of a hull twenty (20) years or older.

3) Entry Fee:  $100/average per day, rates may vary.

4) Plus APBA Membership fee (can apply for Single Event rather than full membership). All drivers and riders must be listed as APBA Inboard Endurance members.  All drivers and riders must provide proof of a certified FAA or DOT physical.

5) Plus SCSC membership fee - $20/year, or affiliated race site club membership.

6) Certified Life Jacket & Helmet, Per APBA specified rules.  Helmet and jacket must meet APBA rule, (ii) For participants in open and unrestrained cockpits, the upper fifty percent (50%) of the helmet must be neon, florescent, red, orange, yellow, or international orange, and meet current certification.  All rookie drivers must place a 1? wide ?X? on the back of helmet for a period on one calendar year.  All safety equipment MUST be worn properly per manufacturers specified instructions.  Failure to do so will be disqualification for that heat race.

7) Boats to be in safety compliance, Per APBA specified rules.  Safety inspections are mandatory and boats must be in mechanically sound condition and pass required APBA safety rules.

8) MANDATORY GPS ? ALL competitors must have a hand held GPS to compete.  GPS must have max speed sensor and recording.  All GPS units will be checked prior to and after each race.  If the GPS unit is inoperative or does not register or registers a skewed reading, that driver will be penalized one lap.  Second offense will result in disqualification from racing at that weekend.  A Driver will not be scored and lose any points earned if found to have raced without a GPS on board.

9) Maximum speed 80.9 MPH.  Speed will be monitored and recorded by a hand held GPS unit with recall.  Any competitor who exceeds 80.9 ? 84.9 mph will be penalized one lap.  Any competitor who exceeds 84.9 mph will be disqualified for the weekend.  Any competitor who is penalized for two weekends will no long be eligible to compete in any future Nostalgia class(es) races.

10) Kill switch.

11) Neck collar.

12) Helmet restraints.

13) All drivers must wear long durable pants and a long sleeve shirt.  It is recommended that drivers wear a full length, one or two-piece, 1 layer driving suit.

14) Any engine (ci), as many carbs as wanted, super chargers, blowers, turbos, anything including Turbine engines.  Any fuel, gas, diesel, etc may be used.

15) Boats must be of flat bottom design and must be v-drive or direct-drive.

16) The numbers must be per APBA specified rules.

17) The race heat will consist of minimum of 2 warm-up laps and 4 race laps.

18) Infraction/Penalty for buoy:  Hitting a buoy results in one lap penalty.  Killing or damaging a buoy results in one lap penalty and $200 fine.

19) Have fun and be safe.  Safety is of paramount concern.  All rulings by race officials for the Nostalgia Classes will be done to promote and maintain safety.  All competitors will operate under that premise and there will be NO compromise for safety.



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