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2019 ADBA Southwest Showdown Eight

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Brad @ SCJB:
The 2019 Arizona Drag Boat Association is hosting the Southwest Showdown Eight at the Bluewater Resort and Casino on February 8th through the 10th in Parker, AZ.

SoCalJetBoats is proud to announce we will be a lane sponsor along with the

We love to support and give back to the sport of drag boat racing and excited to be a part of this event once again. SoCalJetBoats will be there with our vendor booth selling all of our merchandise. Swing by and say hi!

Will be in Parker for that weekend

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Thank you for the support Brad, we really appreciate it, see you out there

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We are two weeks away from the races!!

Brad and I are super excited and look forward to seeing you all there. There are a few SCJB fellas that will be racing! If you haven't already made room reservations, do so soon!

If this is your first time at this race, it's a great time! Weather should be nice, bring some sun block!!   

The SCJB booth will be set up near the Cantina so stop by, say hello and check out our new items for 2019!!

 Thursday 2/7  from 10-6pm
 Friday 2/8 from 7-4pm
** No new registration accepted Saturday 2/9 after 8:30am **

Friday Entry $10
Saturday Entry $15
Sunday Entry $20
Or $35 for the weekend

Friday 2/7 Test + Tune, license passes, safety
8:30am - 5pm

Saturday 2/8 Qualifying
8:30am - 5pm

Sunday 2/9 Eliminations
8:30am - 5pm

*Event Schedule is subject to change.

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Hell ya....... ready to go we just have to load all of are crap,

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