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Just a pre winter overhaul

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So since I had to pull the motor and have a cyclinder sleeved I have some down time to do some overhauling .so I pulled all the carpet out going to pull the tanks out .my plan it to rhino line the interior section and bilge coat the back and clean the carpet and glue off the tanks. Got a estimated from a rhino liner place of about 500-700$ to do it in any color.need some input pro,s con,s.  Also want to fill in all the unused bolt holes through out my stringers I was thinking of using wood dowels and resin. I plan on leaving the stringers in  natural form. And need some advise on stripping the glue off of the tanks planing on leaving them uncovered just a cleaner install

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Dowels and resin is how I filled unnecessary holes in my stringers. I used a random orbital sander to get all the nasty carpet glue off the tanks. I left them at a 220 or 400 grit, I can't remember. They looked good at that point, but you could always polish them out! Flow coating the floors will be way cheaper than $5-700. It'll look better and won't get hot during the summer.


How do you get glue from the carpet of the haul of the boat? 

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did you coat the stringers in resin  and how was the bilge coat as far a slippery

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