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Welcome to! on Facebook      on Google+                #socaljetboats on Instagram     on Twitter      on YouTube      on Vimeo is the #1 online performance boating community forum related to Jet Boats. SoCalJetBoats and its members host 6 events a year on the Colorado River between Laughlin and Blythe including popular river spots such as The Avi Resort and Casino as well as The Bluewater Resort and Casino. All of these events are filmed and put onto a DVD for an end of the year DVD Release Party in Las Vegas. is going on 10 years old and has always been a one man show. I support local racers and most of our proceeds go back into the industry via race sponsorships or doing business within the industry.

So feel at home, click around, sign up, and contribute to the best website for the hobby we all love. Welcome to SoCalJetBoats!




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