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WJ questions
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:03:04 PM »
i just bought a 19' 78 sleek craft wj similar to the Taylor SJ hull style.

ive researched all i can on modifying these pumps but this one has (wich im almost certain it is but not positive) a "trim plate" between the bowl and nozzle. its about a 1/4" width at the top and 1/2 to 3/4" at the bottom. looking inside of it (looking in through the nozzle) there are two 1 1/2" welds from the trim plate to bowl heli-arced to the flat surface of the bowl but not to the inner nozzle on both the left and right sides.

my question is has anyone seen or done this before. im guessing this was an aftermarket product at that time as it looks like it was cast and not machined.

i plan on putting a temp stock 454 to mock up the interior and see how the pump runs. then after i see how the pump handles on a stock motor i plan on modifying the pump powered by a stroked 496.

so my next question is, with this trim plate and pump mods, should i grind the plate off or keep it when i go to put the adapter ring for a drop snout, place divertor setup? i dont see the need for it with a place divertor other than that extra height on the rooster tail. and not sure if the adapter ring would bolt to it. its definatly guna be a pain in the ass to grind thos welds out as tight is it is in there.

3rd question.
ive read of 70-83mph out of these pumps...
has anybody reached the 90+ range on these?
70-75ish is the fastest jet boats in my area and my plans require a minimum of 80 but would be much happier with 90ish

last question. is there numbers i can see or feel on the impeller through the inspection plate to see which one is in it?

ill try to upload the some pics but im limited to upload size.
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