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how to drive a jet boat

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as you all can tell im a newbie..... soo in the spirit of being the new kid on the block i need some expert advice on how to drive my jet boat.. any tips, secrets, that you all can share... thanx O0

biggest thing that people forget....  YOu let off the gas, there is no more steering.  biggest difference between a jet and a prop. IMO.
So anticipate where you are going and don't let yourself get in a jam.

GT Jets:
Don't forget. reverse sucks, may as well fart forward to go backward, it works about as well.... :sly:


Make sure you practice navigating in the 5 zone and around the docks before you do a busy weekend.

what about flooding.. i keep hearing when you stop you have to slowly stop because the wake that is behind you will come over your stern... true???


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