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 I think he's giving up on V-drives and finally getting the jet boat he always realy wanted.  >:D

Projects / Re: Brendella tunnel
« on: January 05, 2012, 02:56:30 AM »
 I decided to start with the keel mods first. 

 I stripped it down to glass to get it ready for the work.

 Then it was cuttin time.  Took me a long time actually get up the nerve to do this.  But I figure this stupid old pile of junk was hanging on to edge of a dumpster with one finger when I found it, so I might as well get creative with it.
 I cut along the sides of the center pod and wedged the back down to create a straight keel line.  I spent a few days looking at it, and measuring everything 10 times until I was happy with it.  I also filled the old intake mounting holes from the bottom, got rid of the recess for the factory ride plate and did a little glass work on the area that I filled in for the pump set back.

 Then I put a couple layers of glass on it to hold it together.  Now I can pull the wood I used to hold it in place out of there and start glassin and grindin till its built back up to the right thickness and straight again.

 Thats where I'm at for now, its out in the garage with a heater under it to help the glass set up nice.   Once I get it built back up to be strong again  I can put a rounded shape under there for a round keel intake.   Then its on to the sponsons issues.   ???


Projects / Re: Brendella tunnel
« on: January 05, 2012, 02:11:31 AM »
Ok,  lots of updates to do here.   

 I got all the wood out from under the underside of the deck, what a pain in the azz that was.

 Heres the pile of "extra" wood that came out.

 Once all the mess was out from inside I decided to flip the hull to take care of its major glass work before going any farther.   Theres just something not quite right about seeing your boat hanging upside down in the air.  :o

 Back on the dolly and ready for some BIG changes.  >:D


Projects / Re: Eliminator/Daytona project
« on: July 25, 2007, 09:02:01 PM »
does it have a center 3rd sponsoon like this one...

Yes, it looks just like that, but maybe different dimentions. I'm going to take the Berkeley transom plate out to the boat later and see if it looks the same. :-\ I think the center sponsoon may be to narrow, the berkeley plate is 14.5 in wide and when I measered the hull yesterday I think it was only 12.5 in  >:( , but I realy cant remember and the boat is at my parents house, I need to do something with my old boat before bringing another project home  ;)

 And yea I know the outboard will be faster, have more room, and use less fuel, but thay are BUT UGLY and sound downright UNAMERICAN !!  I WANT MY BIG BLOCK !! There's nothing better than pulling out the baffeles and wakeing up the whole lake at 7am  ;D ;D ;D

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