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WarZone / Re: Wtf happened?
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:53:53 PM »
Hello all from OHIO. Iíve been running jets for the last 20 years. Letís just say not much help over this side of the country in the jet world. Wishing I were closer to you guys to rally, race or just hang time. I donít do Facebook and hope this site continues. I check in many times a day to see whatís new, for sale or someone in need. Keep up the good fight and keep on keepin on✌️

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Has anyone had or heard of a blown head gasket that is leaving an exhaust leak only? My ticking noise sounds an awful lot like an exhaust leak and the logs are tight.
It sure sounds like an exhaust leak from the video. But sounds on a video can be misleading. Think about this, if the head gasket was blown, youíd loose compression in one or two side by side cylinders. Easy to check  in aid of ruling that out.  Iíve seen all kind of weird things cause motor noises.

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