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WarZone / Re: Q-Jets worst nightmere!
« on: February 02, 2007, 11:46:26 PM »
thats funny that you guys actually understand the whole apple and oranges idea . i thiought of that int he very begining and always wonderd t why you guys are goin back and forth . I know warlock is just stabbin at us jets seein as how he used to own one . And qik is just gettin back a t him . get over it gierls . Whan you do have that make - up sex . I wand a copy of the video . What you both need is a good ol' fashuon spankin on the ass . NOW COME HERE !


Now you are just trying to turn me on!!  ;D
That's some funny shiat right there Beerjet........

WarZone / Re: Q-Jets worst nightmere!
« on: February 02, 2007, 09:33:16 AM »
Nice spin!! We starting talking about all the Wheel Estate your were going to put between yer boat and mine and about howgay my boat was for only going 87mph... Now it's that I was comparing Jetboats too my boat?? You said what is the point of dropping a boat in the water if it only goes 87mph and that yer Cruising speed?? Cruising!! Was higher then that. But go ahead and beat on your "Help me out! He is dissing on Big Block Boats crap! Have I not posted pics among other things on this board about Jets?? What have you done?? Typed shit about me for the past Week and a half!!  Funny how ya' wont tell how cheap that boat of yers, his, whomevers cost ta' build!!! ;D ;D ;D
True........but it wasn't so much that your boat runs 87mph as it was that it's a wacker. If it was a jet running 87 mph I would like it. That is just my taste and has absolutley nothing to do with you or your boat. I like chrome, polish and loud engines. You did rip on big blocks and I defended them.
What have I done? I've posted pics as well. So?? You're credibility has suffered since you post pics of jetboats in one thread then bag on them in another.
As far as what my boat costs, the hull is 8 grand and so is the motor. Lotta bang for the buck I'd say.  :)

WarZone / Re: Q-Jets worst nightmere!
« on: February 02, 2007, 08:58:20 AM »
Because you said yer boat was faster then an outboard...And yer don't think its a rush at all cruising across a choppy ass lake with alot of wakes cause you can't, It's kinda like driving your truck 87mph over the whoops at the Glamis sanddrags. You are triing to compare a dragster to a fourseat longtravel sandrail. And you tell me which one sells more????? The fourseater! So what you have to say to the MAJORITY of jet boaters whom only go 60-70mph dumbass???? That they are as much fun as going 65mph on the freeway with your truck??? I loved cruising 48mph in my old Jet and didn't give a shit about guys like you that love the attention their boats gets while sitting on the trailer! ;D
You must not be very tall because the point I'm trying to make keeps flying over your head. You've stated many times that your boat runs 87mph and that NOT alot of typical jets run that. When you say typical I'm assuming that you are talking about your average everyday $5,000-$6,000 dollar Jetboat. Why would you compare a $20,000 + Warlock to that of a average Jetboat. Wouldn't it be more fair to compare a jetboat in $5,000 price range to that of an outboard in that price range? Do you think a $5,000 outboard powered boat is going to run 70mph like the jet? NO! Why not compare a $20,000 outboard to that of a jet with same amount invested?
And by chance that you did find a 70 mph outboard for the same price as the jet, you'd still have to get over that ugly thing hangin off the back of it. Not easy on the eyes if yah know what I mean.
Now go drive your fourseater sandrail 60 mph on the freeway over bumpy waves in your truck (I think that's what you said?????)  ;D :D

WarZone / Re: Q-Jets worst nightmere!
« on: February 02, 2007, 12:03:34 AM »
GAYYYYY. NOt into driving boats up and down Havasu. Doesn't do anything for me. A heavy cat isn't going to give me the low 8 sec pass that my Cole does. I'm in it for the rush.
Anyways.....this thread is titled "Q-jet's worst mightmare". I find it  funny that it's author couldn't post a pic of HIS boat as the one I'd be afraid of but rather that of someone elses. We call that "NUT SWINGING" in the real boat world.
Hey if your happy with 87 MPH and driving your boat all over Havasu that's fine. I guess it's kinda the same thing as me driving my truck 87 mph up and down Hiway 5...loads of fun  ::)

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