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So, I almost always put the charger on my battery for a while before I take out the boat---1 battery, alot of sitting around with the radio on. Today, it was totally dead when I put the charger on,--like dash lights don't come on "dead"  I took off the positive battery cable, and put a volt meter between it and the battery, and it was showing full battery voltage. It showed no amp draw. I did unhook the radio so the clock, and memory were not drawing any voltage, and of course had the key off. I started to narrow down systems that could be shorting out by totally disconecting them one at a time. I found that the alternator seems to be what it shorting out, and draining the battery,--I THINK. It still makes power like it should when it is running for the reccord.  My question is... do they go bad like this?-
by bad I mean an internal short?  How would one test for this before replaceing the whole thing?---and will a regular automotive alternator work instead of a higher priced marine one?  Thanks in advance!

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50 for both!

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