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Jet Pumps / Re: Outta the hole issues with my golden eagle...
« on: May 30, 2017, 08:21:06 PM »
Here is a copy of what Tom at Jet Boat Performance in Atascadro said about these pumps .... Tom does know his pumps...I would probably give him a call.

Both Challenger I have had both have had Berkeley E pump with stock 460 Ford's and have been great.

The Golden Eagle is simply a Jacuzzi 12YJ that was produced as a transom mount or "insert pump" (similar to the Berk "E") they are an axial flow jet designed to move larg volumes of water The work well as designned but do not respond well to added HP .They can be upgraded with the American turbine "Energizer" kits to produce very respectable performance (done several with very good results )  Tom

1977 Challenger

Boat Showcase / 1977 Challenger
« on: May 01, 2017, 08:09:17 PM »
Just wanted to post this in the show case, not because it's the most bad ass boat, but because it's a pretty damn close representative to a completely stock and original 1977 Challenger and how they came out of the dealerships back then. This boat was purchased new in 1977 by my dad in New Port Beach, Ca.

This is original interior, original harman marine 460 (never rebuilt only modification is the HEI distributor), original carburetor, original valve covers with original decals, original intake, original spark arrestor /scoop, original Bassett headers ( originally they were long collector but have been cut off), original Berkeley E pump, Giroux trailer (original trailer was yellow trailer always matched the secondary color on the boat), original trailer rims, I swapped the original trailer with the donor boat trailer so it's brown in some of the pics), original wiring,  original gauges, original gel coat (most if not all of these boats produced had the same paint scheme), stearing wheel and rack have been changed in this boat due to lack of replacement parts for the old system (original cable froze), originally these came with a household shag carpet in them (donor boat still had it in it lol)

Anyways I just wanted to document for the future what the original 18 1/2 foot Semi V was. We seem to be losing history on some of these boats.

VIN info- located on Stern upper right side. VIN always starts with CHEC (manufacturer) then a series of numbers and a letter for the serial number then two numbers for the year of manufacture last a letter for month of manufacture ( A- January, B- February, C- March, ond so on)

FYI- I used and all original donor boat that had been stored 30 plus years to rebuild this boat. Not all the parts in this boat came in this boat but are exact to what did come in it.

Events / 9th Annual Hot Boat & Custom Car Show - Needles, CA
« on: January 07, 2017, 01:25:42 PM » is proud to announce we will be a vendor at the 9th Annual Hot Boat & Custom Car Show at Jack Smith Park in Needles, CA on Feb 24-25, 2017

Here is more info:

Facebook Event:
Needles Chamber of Commerce Website:

Space is limited so it has been requested that only 'Show Worthy'/'Bad Ass' boats should only apply - all boat types are welcome.

Boat Showcase / Here's my 76 challenger project coming along good
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:51:00 AM »

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