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Miscellaneous / Spam / anyone have a Cole?
« on: February 21, 2008, 10:36:27 AM »

read the bottom from Dave Fuqua. Interresting stuff......

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / What's it fit?
« on: February 21, 2008, 08:03:28 AM »
from time to time I'm sure there are some of us that wonders WTF does this thing fit...well I have a couple of Dizzy's and I can't find what they fit. They've been sitting in a box for a few years and I guess the old age thing is kick'n. Beats the hell out of me what they is a Mallory Super Mag part # 465 HP. I can't find this # anywhere....the other will be a real fun one to figure out...Accel F105?5....the ? is a 2 or 3 or 8 or 9....can't read it....check out the pics....thanks guys...

Lake Havasu / London Bridge Facts
« on: February 16, 2008, 08:24:38 AM »
London Bridge was purchased from the Corporation of London April 18,1968, by McCulloch Oil Corporation, a petroleum exploration and production company listed on the American and Pacific Stock Exchanges, and headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. The company's wholly owned subsidiary, McCulloch Properties, Inc., is the planner and major builder of Lake Havasu City.

Price: $2,460,000, submitted in competitve bidding.

There has been a bridge known as London Bridge across the River Thames for nearly 2,000 years, beginning with wooden crossing believed to have existed in the First Century,A.D. The "falling down" bridge was the span destroyed in the raid by the Viking Chief Olaf the Norwegian. Most durable of the London Bridges was the one started in 1176 and completed after 30 years. It lasted nearly 600 years. Following are facts about the present London Bridge:

Foundation stone laid: June 15,1825
Bridge dedicated: August 1, 1831
Bridge architect: John Rennie
Length of bridge: 1,005 ft.
Width of carriage way: 35ft.
Total estimated weight: 130,000 tons
Arch spans: 130ft., 140ft., 152ft., 140ft., 130ft.,
Granite stonework: quarried in Aberdeen, Devon, Cornwall

London bridge was sold because it could no longer accommodate London's mounting traffic. It was replaced with a new bridge.
Work crews of the Corporation of London dismantled the bridge's granite stonework and stored it on the Surrey Commercial Docks before shipment to this country. Each block is numbered for engineering reference in reconstruction. Rebuilding of the bridge and construction of the waterway it spans was completed in the spring of 1971.
The first shipment of stone, 855 tons, arrived at Long Beach, Calif. on July 4, 1968. Thirty-nine truckloads were required to carry the stones to Lake Havasu City, where they were secured in a seven-acre storage compound.
The foundation stone of the bridge was laid by the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Gilbert Inglefield, on September 23, 1968. The stone is located at the old intersection of McCulloch Boulevard and Pasco Del Sol, and is marked by American,British and Arizona flags.

A part of this information was taken from an old news paper here in Havasu.....So now you know.....  ;)

Random Boat Parts For Sale / Hava Al's Garage Sale
« on: January 12, 2008, 02:57:21 PM »
make me an offer....

WarZone / Have you ever felt like a idiot?
« on: December 31, 2007, 01:51:03 PM »
I have to share what happened to me yesterday....I take the Miller out with my girlfriend and her cousin down to the lake...Now I've taken out many boats but never have I had a time unloading and loading like I did yesterday...I launched from Windsor Beach just like always...This guy walks up to me and right off the bat....(JUST LIKE OMAR TOLD ME WOULD HAPPEN) this guy says hay isn't that Nates old boat? So I say yes....we talk a little while...then I unhook the boat and I get in everything is good...Jerry backs me in and I start the engine...the son of a bitch won't back up...these big boats are making waves and my boat is  floating after the nose hits my truck right under the right tail light I finnaly get the damn thing to back up....well by now the freaking boat is sideways over the trailer...lucky for me Jerry saw what was happening and backed up more so I didn't hit the fenders....So I got the boat away....everything went well out on the lake..there wasn't any wind and the water was smooth...had a good couple of hours....then here we go again....Jerry backs the trailer down the ramp and I'm coming in to load it but wait...this big som of a beeeaaaccchhh eliminator comes in and the wake pushes me sideways....FO%K I'm sideways over the freaking trailer about pissed I back up and go around and finnaly get the damn thing loaded.....embarrised? Pissed? fedup???? yep felt like a ididot!  Hopefully next year will be better........Al

WarZone / Happy Holidays
« on: December 21, 2007, 10:37:45 AM »
I am getting ready to leave and return to Pleasanton to spend Christmas with my mother....I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone on here. You have all made me feel welcome and have helped me with many issues that are recieved with much thanks. I hope you all stay safe and enjoy the season.

The No Wake Zone / for 20 bucks I hope they give lap dances
« on: December 20, 2007, 09:34:37 PM »
taken off of the Las Vegas Hot Boat site........Just FYI.....nothing more nothing less.....Al



Some of you may have gotten here by clicking the link at the top of a forum, others by clicking a thumbnail(You must now be a Premium Member to do that! ) - Read on; I'll explain.

Greetings Las Vegas Hot Boats members! By now you've undoubtedly noticed the numerous changes throughout Las Vegas Hot Boats including and most notably, a brand new forum! We're quickly approaching our 5th year in action, and the forum needed a new look and quite frankly – it NEEDED TO WORK PROPERLY! After a few weeks of hammering away at the changes and adjustments to, the forum is complete and rolling along! You'll notice new feature after new feature, and unless you're logged on every day (which many of you are) you'll probably never find every feature now available on Las Vegas Hot Boats forums – it's incredible! I hope you enjoy the new site and the camaraderie of the forums – I know I do!

One main change to the site was the establishment of two different membership groups . ~Regular Members~ can use the forum and most sections as before, however they cannot post threads with items for sale in the Classified section OR list their products or services in the LVHB Marketing Group section. In addition, regular members can only view thumbnail size pictures posted in the forums, and don't have access to the Private Messenger System.

~PREMIER MEMBERS~ however have several added membership benefits:
*FULL ACCESS to every forum section including the "Premier Members Only" hidden section
*FULL ACCESS to the Private Messenger System
*FULL ACCESS to list items for sale in the "Classified" section
*FULL ACCESS to list your business products or services in the "LVHB Marketing Group" Section
*FULL VIEWING of all pictures throughout the forum in large format (not just the thumbnail view)
*SPECIAL TAG in BOLD stating you're a "PREMIER MEMBER"

It's simple to become a Las Vegas Hot Boats PREMIER MEMBER and only $20 per year through Paypal (less than two bucks a month! ). Membership fees are used to keep the site current and help cover some of the costs incurred for the major overhaul of the forum. They also help me keep LVHB a GREAT PLACE TO HANG OUT AND CHAT ABOUT BOATING IN THE SOUTHWEST!

I started Las Vegas Hot Boats in March of 2002 as a way to meet other boaters and chat about boats and just about everything boating related in the Southwest. Almost overnight it became a tremendous success thanks to you, the Las Vegas Hot Boats Members! I've never charged membership fees and I've avoided it as long as possible, but to take the site to the next level in anticipation of a very active 2007 boating season there were some changes that needed to be made and some fairly large expenses incurred.

I invite you to consider becoming a LAS VEGAS HOT BOATS PREMIER MEMBER to help me maintain this great boating website that is "Las Vegas Hot Boats"! However, regardless of your membership status or decision to become or not to become a PREMIER MEMBER, THANK YOU for participating in the Las Vegas Hot Boats Family and THANK YOU for helping me make it the great website it is today!

To become a Premier Member go to the following link:

To discuss this announcement CLICK HERE

Warm Regards Fellow Boaters!

Las Vegas Hot Boats

PS - If you're feeling generous over an above the very reasonable $20 per year PREMIER MEMBER fee - I'm extremely grateful in advance for any donations transferred to through Paypal

WTB / M/T valve covers?
« on: December 18, 2007, 07:28:54 PM »
Does anyone have a set of 455 olds valve covers laying around? M/T's?  Let me know...Al

Boats For Sale / Tahiti?
« on: December 15, 2007, 10:33:11 AM »
Wasn't ol' rigger looking for one of these?

Engines / Engine Parts For Sale / FYI on EBAY
« on: December 10, 2007, 03:16:01 PM »
   Ford 460 429 Edelbrock Performer Intake   Item number: 330196839968

Current bid is 69 bucks?? sounds good to me if one of you need it.......hay SAV ya there?

The No Wake Zone / Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 22, 2007, 07:02:20 AM »
I want to wish you all a safe and Happy Thanks Giving!  :)

The No Wake Zone / Questions:
« on: November 11, 2007, 02:01:52 PM »
First is it bad for the panther to run it without water? And has anyone re-chromed Basset headers? mine look pretty bad with the rust forming. Any ideas what it runs$ ?

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