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Project Boats For Sale / Free Brendella hull
« on: October 28, 2016, 02:53:07 AM »
 Free Brendella bubbledeck hull, its just a hull, no parts, no intake, no trailer, nothing. Have title in hand, this was a friends forgotten project. Hull has been capped nicely, but then it just sat outside. Will need LOTS of work to save it now. Its a full stringer hull, stringers show no rot, but are delaminated. If you want it bring a trailer, the one it was on is already gone, and speak up FAST or I'm going to cut this thing up.

 Located in the Fresno/Clovis CA area.  Jeff 559-270-1162

Random Boat Parts For Sale / Jacuzzi WJ fans/builders ?
« on: August 01, 2016, 07:05:12 PM »
 While cleaning things out I found a box of 4 billet aluminum front bearing caps for the WJ pumps. I'm heading from Fresno down to Long Beach (sprint boat races) this weekend (August 6th). If anyone wants/needs one or the whole box, make me an offer and we can meet up to save shipping.

Random Boat Parts For Sale / HUGE parts sale
« on: August 01, 2016, 07:04:48 PM »
 I'm done with jet boats so I'm cleaning house.  Heading from Fresno down to Long Beach this weekend (Aug 6th, sprint boat races), so if you want/need anything lets meet up and save the shipping.  If you need shipping, wait till next week and see whats left. Race is over so now everything is + shipping.   Thank you to everyone that showed up to get their parts. 100% of the parts people put "on hold" where picked up, not one single person flaked.  :thumbup:

 If you don't like the prices, make an offer. Best to just call me, Jeff 559-270-1162

 Brand new, place diverter with "FTN" nozzle, blue insert and nice used handle (no cable). Diverter has only been out of the box to take pics, I bought it new.   Diverter alone was over $450.  How about $400 with the handle.  SOLD

 My good pump stuff.  Berk suction housing, Low profile "R" style intake (uses standard loaders) with a flat shoe, Polished and worked "G" bowl (drilled and tapped for a rideplate cradle), Intake has been matched/blended to the intake and smoother all the way to the impeller area, even the hand hole cover has been smoothed, blended and the huge ugly gaps filled. Cover is still removable.  All for $400, you cant buy a low pro intake for that. A great start to build that "Bad AZZ" pump. SOLD
Also available..
 Polished Berk droop.  $200
 Long drive like (set back pumps). $50
 Ride plate cradle. $20 SOLD
 Old standard nozzle adapter, pretty ugly lots of paint on it. LOL  Make offer

 Berk JB pump core,  flat keel intake with a new blank shoe and rideplate. Needs a shaft, impeller, and kit. $250 SOLD

 Stringer to stringer throttle pedal. Pedal can be moved anywhere across the bar and even adjusts for side to side tilt.  Use it with normal seating or center steer set ups. Made by Nicson, not some home made junk. Will fit up to 26 1/2" between stringers, or cut it down for narrower stringers. Comes with the cable.  $300.

 NICE chrome exhaust tips, 2 1/2" ID. need new flaps. $50

On the right, set of BBC plates and pump brace.  Two piece front mount, flywheel cover is not a "full cover" it mounts using spacers off the motor plate and just covers the rear. Only have 3 or the 6 spacers, so you need to make 3 more (small round spacers sitting above the cover in the pic). Plates are 23 1/2" wide. Raw finish but have all the edges rounded/radius. $200 ? SOLD

On the left, two more covers and some sort of two piece drive line cover that mounts to one of them. These are raw cut/unfinished pieces. $ 40 per cover and $20 for the D/L cover ? All SOLD

 Two sets of 2 piece BBC front mounts. These also cover the water inlets on the block. Drill and tap the plate at the water ports and run your hoses to the plate. No need for extra waster inlet adapters. $40 each SOLD

 SBC cast mounts, they are UGLY, covered with scratches etc. $40 SOLD
 BBC logs, same UGLY scratched condition. One sais Glenwood on the flange the other sais nothing, but they look the same ?? $ 20 SOLD
 Two transom adapters, one angled, one flat. $ 10 each  SOLD
 HallCraft throttle pedal, stringer mount, not pretty but should clean up. $40

 Aluminum tanks with brackets, About 52" X 8". $200 SOLD
 Two piece standard length Driveline. $40 SOLD

 Ok these brackets are for mounting an alternator to the front of the pump. Bolt on over the front bearing cap. Raw cut finish. Use a turn buckle to adjust the alt and you get to figure out how to create a pulley. I have 5 of them.  $10 each and you get hours of fun being creative. 2 SOLD 3 still available

 5 of these too. Simple little alternator adjustor brackets for rail kits/whatever. Raw cut finish. $10 each All SOLD

4 header water lines, they all look different, most have at least one bad fitting, $1 for all of them. SOLD

  Fiberglas buckets and bench. Buckets are 20" wide at the widest point and bench is 40" wide at the widest point. Both are about 15" high.  Bench was narrowed to this width. Glass work was done about 8 yrs ago and shows no issues. These are a thick/heavy/strong set of seats sprayed with black high fill primer, ready for you to paint your color.  $ 200 SOLD

 Dooley BBC jet pan. Its nasty but solid. Has surface rust inside, so it will need a good cleaning/blasting.  Comes with the tray that bots to the main caps and a few of the bolts/studs to use just so you can get the right new bolt/studs. Do not use these old nasty ones. $ 100 SOLD

 Really REALLY nice set of BBF Rewarder twisty headers with water lines. NO dents, NO heat discoloration past the water lines, NO rust on the flanges, NO rust in the tubes, only some very slight surface rust between the primary tubes right where they merge into the collectors. 2 1/4" OD primaries, 4" OD collectors. $ 600 ?

 Dual EGT gauge with sensors. $ 125 pending
 I searched all over looking for a new one like this to figure a price, the ONLY one I could find like this was for aircraft and was $325.

 Autometer bulb type warning light with oil pressure sender. $ 25

 Left foot pedal (foot rest). Wont polish, must be clear coated. All other stuff in this pic is sold $ 75

 If you want some cheap seats and don't care if your friends, wife/girlfriend, and everybody else laughs at you. I've got a deal for you !!! They even have nice TALL backs so your super fast boat doesn't break your back in half with its awesome acceleration like it would with some low back "boat" seat. They are made from light weight space age fiberglass with special vinyl covers, and even have a very small amount of padding. What will they think of next ? These will definitely add at least 10 MPH to your boat.  I can even finance these seats !! All it takes to make them yours is $ 20 down (in cash) and then I don't care if you ever make another payment.  If any spiders, ants, or any of Gods little creatures crawl out of them when you get them home, they are yours free with the purchase.

Jet Pumps / Strange impeller
« on: November 06, 2012, 12:16:42 PM »
 So I picked up an old parts boat for a pump and a few parts.  Turned out to have a JA pump in it, with the strangest impeller I have ever seen. I do seem to have a tallent for finding off the wall stuff.  Just thought I would share this incase someone else finds one like this.  It actually has curved veins/blades.  I did a lot of digging to find some info on this thing, and here is direct quote of what I was told " Wow haven't seen one of those impellers in awhile they were an attempt to make a better impeller and failed pretty bad. I thought most of those were recalled and replaced yerar ago. We will not be using that impeller".   

 So, if you find one of these odd things, dont plan on useing it.  ;)

Project Boats For Sale / Free 68 Weiman hull
« on: October 18, 2012, 12:55:38 AM »
 I picked this up for the pump and trailer, so if anyone wants the hull come get it.  Its a bare hull (nothing in it, and no trailer), measures 16' 6", has title and current reg.  Its been painted (ugly) and needs some touch ups (alot) or new paint.  But so far it looks like a solid hull.  I'm pulling it apart tomarow and I'll post pics if anyone is interested.  Located in the Fresno/Clovis area (central CA).

(559) 270-1162   Jeff

Project Boats For Sale / One of a kind
« on: July 10, 2012, 04:24:57 PM »
 You guys have to see this.   :screwy: :screwy: :screwy:

The No Wake Zone / New life vest laws
« on: April 07, 2011, 09:20:57 AM »
Have you guys seen this ?? 

 Get ready for it, its coming to a lake near you too.  :thumbdown: :thumbdown:


Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Modern Ford motors
« on: December 25, 2010, 10:59:19 PM »
 I've seen more and more of the Chevy clan going with those newer LS whatever style motors.  So, lets say "someone" just cant get excited about building his BBC for his project and wants something different.  Lets also say this "someone" would rather stay in the Blue oval camp than join the Chevy clan. 

 What are the ups and downs of the modern Ford motors ?  This "someone" can get his hands on a 4.6, 32 valve, MK 8 motor really really cheap (all Aluminum).  And has looked at the 5.4 Lincoln 32 valve motor (iron block/heavier).  And even the V 10.

 Why am I not seeing anyone using these motors in boats, like the Chevy guys are with there new toys ?  Is it just there physical size thats holding them back, the 4.6 is as big as an old Hemi, I'm told.  Or is it the lack of displacement ?  Lack of "off the shelf parts" to put it in a boat ?

 In my "someones" looking he has found stand alone ignition boxes (no need to keep the computer) and even one set up the puts a dist on the valve cover. So ignition is not a problem.  Carb intakes and even a blower (671) set up has been seen and doesnt look all that tough (how hard can it be  ;)).

 What do you Ford guys think, is it time to show the Chevy clan that modern Ford motors can work in a boat too ? Or is this "someone" missing something here.  :-\

The No Wake Zone / Home plumbing help
« on: November 22, 2010, 08:11:16 PM »
 Theres no home improvement section so, I'm going to stick this here.  I need some plumbing help

 I did tile floors in my bathroom and cant figure out how to put the toilet back, or how it was mounted to start with.  When I took it out, I undid the 2 nuts on the studs on the sides and lifted.  It came up but the studs where still attached to the toilet.  There is a funnel looking piece in the floor (black plastic ?), and another funnel looking piece (black plastic ?) that was still attached to the toilet that has the ring with the studs on it.   I got the smaller funnel piece and the ring with the studs off the toilet (and I broke the toilet  >:().  Now I'm looking at it all and cant see any way that the 2 funnel pieces are supposed to stay stuck together.  The one that was on the toilet fits inside the one thats in the floor (perfect fit), but I know there should be some way to make it all stay in the floor so when I bolt the new toilet back down it doesnt just pull the small funnel and ring out of the floor like it did when I took it out.

 Should those 2 funnel pieces be glued together, some kind of ABS/PVC glue ??  Or is there something missing ?? 

WarZone / Made WHERE ???
« on: September 20, 2010, 07:52:04 PM »
 So today I was pulling the heads off an 98 Mustang (stupid little V6 POS, NOT MINE).  After I was done I cleaned them up a bit so they didnt make a big mess in my car on the way to the machine shop.  Looking at them a bit and what do I see cast into them under the valvecovers, Made in MEXICO !!  :banghead: :banghead:  So much for buy American.  >:(

 BTW. those heads are crap, the material is soooo soft that when I was marking them with a screwdriver, it made a HUGE deep gouge in them.  Must be some aluminum/pot metal alloy (cast from the crap they sweep up off the floor).  :screwy: 

 Even though its just a stupid little grocery getter V6, it was sad and made my Ford blue blood turn a bit less blue.  :'(

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / GM truck issues
« on: September 03, 2010, 12:25:58 AM »
 I'm having issues with my stupid truck again, need some advice / ideas.

 Truck is an 89 Chevy 3500 (454) , throttle body injection.  Problem is, it runs rich.  Dropped it off at the mechanics because it was pissing me off.  Now its pissing them off.  ;)   So far we have tried, new 02 sensor, temp sensor, and computer, nothing has helped. The new computer did not come with a chip so we had to use the original one, could it be the chip ??  Mechanic said, or some reason it is staying in cold start mode and wont realize its warmed up.  It never switches over and uses the 02 sensor to adjust its self. Hooking it to the scanner tool thingy shows that it knows its warmed up.  Strange thing is, if you get it warmed up and shut it off, let it sit for a few minutes, then restart it, it runs better (still rich but better). But still wont switch over and read the 02 sensor.  I used this trick to get it to pass its smog test (barley), but I want to get it right before it destroys the new cats I had to put on it. 

 Any GM techs out there remember these things, and have an idea for me before I get really mad and do something bad. 

 Recent repairs (in the last few years) have included new distributor, new coil, new fuel pump / filter, new catalytic converters (both  :mad:).   

 STUPID fuel injected computer controlled JUNK !!!!!!  What this thing really needs is a carb and a normal distributor.

Random Boat Parts For Sale / cleaning sale 3
« on: August 03, 2010, 11:40:02 PM »
This is the last of the unneeded stuff around here.  ::) for now.

 I can deliver (free) anywhere between Fresno and Long Beach on Sunday the 8th of Aug.

 One set of fiberglass seats, these where for Ironmans project but he decided to go a different route.   :screwy:
 buckets are 19.5 " wide, and bench was modified (shortened) to be 40" wide.  All 3 are primed and ready for paint.
 Complete set, all 3 seats, $ 250.    no shipping



 One used loader, built by Ironman.  This is the same design I had in my old boat and it showed only 5psi difference between the upper and lower pressure taps on the pump, and that was with a very aggressive shoe.  I was going to buy this one for myself, but I'm going with a low pro intake so where going to make a new one.
 $ 75 + shipping, or free delivery to the races at Long Beach.

 Dirty old rusty BBC ski tow, needs to be rechromed.
 $25 + shipping, or free delivery to the races at Long Beach.

 Custom made baffles, 3 (I think) spirals, there 3 3/4 od and 12" long.
 $ 40 + shipping, or free delivery to the races at Long Beach.

 One slightly dead Crow, courtesy of one big black dog with a bad attitude, he does not like "things" in his yard.  :screwy:
 Make offer, free delivery to the races at Long Beach.  ;D

 Dont forget to check the other sales, free delivery day is this Sunday.

Engines / Engine Parts For Sale / 454 4 bolt block
« on: July 19, 2010, 10:44:53 PM »
 Listing for a friend,

 MK 4,  454, 4 bolt, standard bore (needs to go .030), bare block with caps (missing 4 main bolts).  Crank not included.

 $ 300  Local pick up in Fresno area, or I can deliver to Long Beach on August 8th.

Random Boat Parts For Sale / Auction: pair of Predator carbs
« on: July 12, 2010, 07:33:00 PM »
pair of Predator carbs

 I have a pair of Predator carbs up for grabs.  I have never run them, actually this is the first set I have ever seen in person.  Will need to be rebuilt.  Dont need them, I'm going injected.

 Shipping will be actual shipping cost.

More Information

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Flame travel
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:44:14 PM »
 OK engine gurus, I have a question. 

 Lets say someone  ::) wanted to put together a high compression BBC.  Lets say this someone wanted around 12:1 compression (or a bit more).  Is there a point where the piston domes become a real issue with flame travel ?  Most of the heads this someone is seeing are up around 119/120cc, so a fairly large dome would be needed.  The engine in question will be .030 over 454 with 4.25 stroke (thats the plan so far).

Random Boat Parts For Sale / Gauges
« on: June 29, 2010, 10:04:16 PM »
 A collection of old gauges I dont need. The only ones I have seen work are the last ones ( Merc Quick silvers). Most have mounting brackets, some dont.

One set of 3 gauges, White face, silver bezels, Volt / water temp / oil psi, Mech gauges (car stuff), they need to mount to a thin panel (not a boat dash), Brand is "Equus".  ???
 2 gauge set, no name, oil psi / temp, electric gauges, no senders,

 4 gauge set, VDO, tach / oil psi / temp / voltage, electric with no senders, dont know if they work came out of my Brendella.
 $ 20
 5 gauge set, Old Mercury Quick silver, from the OB boat, tach / fuel / volt / temp / trim. they are really old looking (faded and the faces are checked), they all worked though and the tach has settings for normal motors.
 $ 20
 Single white on white Faria fuel gauge.
 $ 5

Random Boat Parts For Sale / Cleaning sale 2
« on: June 29, 2010, 09:16:56 PM »
 More stuff.

 All prices + shipping, OBO

 Pair of Holley 750 vac sec carbs, # 3310-S, and a spare parts carb (broken base plate), also a bunch of misc parts ( vac sec springs, old parts, etc), carbs where modified to use a crossover tube/hose between the sec diaphragms so they will open at the same time. chokes have been removed (there in the box I think). They will need to be rebuilt !! Been sitting for over a year and needed help last time they where run.
 $ 200 (all 3 carbs and the parts) Sold

 Box of OB stuff, I have no idea what it fits but it was a 6 cyl,
 $ make offer Sold

 One exhaust tip, not bad shape. 3" OD for hose
 $ 5
 One small flame arrestor, 1 1/2 H X 5 3/4
 $ 5
  Wagner hydraulic steering, helm and ram, no hoses. Got this from GTjets for the old OB and never used it.
 $ 40
  Rock grate, Berk,
 $ 5
 Drive line, BBC / flexplate, this is the short one that does not use a PTO, 6 3/4" total length. 
 $ 40 Sold pending funds
 PTO, think its for an Olds (pattern is bigger than BBC and smaller than BBF  :-\),
 $ 20
 Reverse bucket, I think its for a Jacuzzi WJ  :-\
 $ 5 ??

 One basset style scoop, single carb, normal wear and tear, not show quality but decent shape.
 $ 50 ?? Sold
 Berk steering nozzle with tiller arm and rudder (plastic). Old style maybe (no O ring groove).
 $ 20
 Pair of SBC valve covers, black finned, small crossed flag emblem on one, these came off my old 81 Corvette (factory orig).
 $ 40
 Pair of SBF valve covers, "Powered By Ford" on them, not sure what the where on orig but they are factory covers.
 $ 40
 Dominator nozzle ?? I think thats what it is, with tiller arm.
 $ 20

Random Boat Parts For Sale / Cleaning sale
« on: June 29, 2010, 08:15:04 PM »
 Getting rid of all the extra stuff around here.  ::)

 All prices + shipping, OBO.

 Top left, BBC, Mallory Unilite dist and coil. Coil is a voltmaster MK 2, dist # 3740201, coil # 28675 (as best as I can tell).
 $ 80 for both.

 Top center, grab handle, nice and shinny.
 $ 15 Sold

 Top right, polished mini alt, Not one wire but there is a kit available to convert it from Summit.
 $ 80

 Bottom left, fuel fills, 1 1/2" tubes.
 $ 5  Sold

 Ign switch with acc position. looks new  :-\
 $ 5 Sold

 2 angled bezels, one was red one was blue.
 $ 5 Sold

 Forward/reverse lever, with B&M handle.
 $ 10 Sold

 Forward/ reverse handle, with red ano knob.
 $ 15 Sold

 2 fuel tank vents, through hull, fresh from the chrome shop.
 $ 10  Sold
 Pair of BBC Paul Pfaff valve covers, no breathers, no hardware, they need 3 long bolts for the top and 4 shorts on the outside. Angled for header clearance (??).  3 3/4" tall
 $ 50  Sold

 BLANK shoe and rideplate, plate is 19" long. Shoe is 1/2" thick, flat, and is drilled with the MPD pattern.
 $ 100

 SBC X ram, Edelbrock X-C8, with linkage, dirty (been on a shelf for a looooong time), not corroded and dont see and stripped threads.
 $ 150 Sold
 SBC M/T valve covers, dirty but in decent shape,
 $ 50


Random Boat Parts For Sale / Motor plates / rail kit
« on: June 29, 2010, 07:31:08 PM »
 Getting rid of some things that have collected around here.

 Prices are + shipping, OBO.

 NEW, BBC motor plates and flywheel cover by Ironman.
 These are new (never cut for a boat) raw 3/8" 6061 Aluminum, 26" wide, flywheel cover is 1/4".  These have lots of extra material on them and will fit a V hull or tunnel.  I did some measuring and theres even enough material on them to make them fit my 21' Daytona.
 $ 250.     4' rails and backing plates also available for $ 75 extra.  I have no mounting blocks or hardware.

 Used, BBC rail kit.  This came out of my Brendella tunnel hull, 24" wide, rails are 36' long, 2 piece front mounts, uses angle pieces to mount plates to rails. What you see is what you get, no backing plates or stringer washers. 
 $ 150 

 Used, BBF 4 point setup, with 4 mounting feet. I believe they are Hardin marine, no name on them but thats whats on the feet that fit them. Feet are from a different set so you will need to re drill them for your boat.  Plates are polished (not show quality, but decent), feet are as cast.  No hardware.
 $ 125  Sold   But mounting feet are still available if anyone needs them,  $ 20 ?

 Used, BBF rear 4 point mount with 2 mounting feet (no front plate).  Again no name on it.  Has provision for top mount starter.  Was polished at one time, has some scratches and such, not pretty but useable. No hardware
 $ 75

Projects / Brendella tunnel
« on: March 29, 2010, 11:13:11 PM »
 Well, here we go again !!  I have a new project.  ::)

 Its a 77 Brendella tunnel.  I picked it up last winter from SoCal and had to drive through the snow (both ways) to get it.  Its in really sad shape, but I just love the way it looks.

 Some pics from its former home


And one when it got home

 Its got a Jacuzzi pump (WJ), a flat keel, a bow full of foam, a broken bulkhead (3 pieces), no room inside (total int room is 8' long X 43" wide), and it had a Chevy in it.  :screwy:  But its first issue is the paint.  Without getting into the design and color choices  :screwy:, the paint is cracked like a broken window.

 I started to try to sand it off, didnt work, it turned to gum as soon as the sander touched it.  :banghead:  Some of it was easy to remove with a paint scraper.

 There where 3 paint jobs on it over the original gel. So, eventually I gave up on the sanding and scraping, and moved on to paint stripper.  >:D  Its now down to the original gel (mostly) The good news is 90% of the cracking is gone now, most of it was just in the paint.  Theres still some on the deck, but it looks like it stops at the gel and doesn't go into the glass. The bad news is, some crackhead tried to fix some stress cracks by glassing over one of the paint jobs.  So I have a bit of glass work to do.

This where I'm at now.  Next is to get the broken bulkhead and the bow full of foam out of there.  That means I have to take the seat out, so no more sitting there day dreaming and making vroom vroom noises.

Jet Pumps / name that droop.
« on: January 27, 2010, 07:53:52 PM »
 Can anyone tell what kind of droop this is ??  Theres no name/part numbers on it, the only marking I can find is that small line by the flange.  It has a horizontal divider in it. Its on a Jacuzzi WJ pump, but I dont think it was made for a Jacuzzi because of the flange, looks like a Berk style droop.  ???

WarZone / 2sav
« on: October 17, 2009, 08:39:36 PM »
 Steve I found your next project !!  Only $ 400 .   ;D  >:D

The No Wake Zone / stupid motorcycles
« on: October 11, 2009, 10:10:51 PM »

  :mad: :mad:

  After not riding all Summer I decided to get did of my bike. pulled it out of its hole this morning and polished everything up nice.  Rode it to the gass station then over to Ironmans house to help with his boat a bit, everything was fine.  A few hours ago I got a call on it and someone wanted to came see it, I said sure.  So, my dumb azz goes outside gets on the bike rides around the culdasac a few times to warm it up.  Did a nice big smokey burnout down the street and lost it, layed it sown right in front of my own house.  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:  Bent the crap out of the pipe, scraped up the side fairing.  If I didnt have bad luck I wouldnt have any luck at all  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


The No Wake Zone / Did I miss something ?
« on: September 27, 2009, 12:47:38 PM »
Haven't been paying attention.  So, what happened to Ray (IRRebel).  Last Active:  September 07, 2009, 10:12:07 AM ,  he's usually on here every night.   Did I miss something ??

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