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Random Boat Parts For Sale / Bench seats
« on: November 02, 2018, 02:15:00 PM »
Bench seats for sale out of my jet boat. 54.5 long about 16 wide and 16 tall. Seats are newly upholstered just dirty from sitting. $300 OBO

Contact me at +17147459100

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Projects / 1978 Hondo
« on: October 31, 2018, 07:35:14 AM »
 figured I would start a build thread on my boat since its winter and a lot of work is getting done or is planned to get done.

From the start - Picked it up in fall of 2015 from a good buddy. I went to his house ready to pay cash for it while I was looking at it after he had ran it with water and that was al done we were talking about oil pressure and he was happy with how much oil pressure that boat had so he started it back up to show me and revved the piss out of it with no water and blew up the motor. So he gave me the boat!

After getting the boat home and assessing the damage the motor was basically complete trash. Crank broke in half, cam broke in 3 spots, hole in the block and oil pan, heads trashed. Basically only minor parts manifold and carb were salvable.  So being the eager kid and wanting to use the boat with the little money I had I went out the next weekend and bought a junk yard motor. Threw al my accessories on it had the carb build to the stock specs and she was a runner. I did a coupe of small things like ceramic coat the exhaust re upholstered the seats and that was about it. Ran it for about a year with no real problems. At the end of the Season 2016 the motor had a small valve tick so I pulled the heads off and sent them in and found out they were trashed not even worth the money to fix them. So I went and found some used 049 heads had them rebuilt, had a cam built for the heads added a tunnel ram and bam I though I was good to go! the week before the 4th 2017 I put the motor in had everything hooked up get it started and not 10 seconds later it drops a valve puts a hole in the piston and head and fills up the motor with water. Very frustrated with this I give up and let the boat sit. ( I have a 21' ultra I/O and a house in havasu landing) So I still get out to the lake.

Fast forward to now Motor is out and is being professionally built from ground up. 496 Stroker head work custom cam ETC shooting for a reliable 600 HP on pump gas. Boat is being completely stripped except for the pump  which maybe has 4 trips since it was rebuild. New interior new paint new wiring etc. Also found a score at the offroad swapmeet and got this hardin scoop for $150

Heres some pics I figured im going to make the seats then send them in to get upholstered, and I will be painting it myself as well.

This is my first project with a boat Ive build many high class prerunners, trucks, and racecars so I am hoping it will be the same concept.

let me know if you see anything questionable or have any advise or knowledge on this boat

started on the sets yesterday after work

Engines / Engine Parts For Sale / BBC intake manifold carb scoop
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:14:39 AM »
Holly 750 carb Edelbrock 7561 manifold and black single carb scoop used in good condition $500 OBO located in Huntington Beach you can contact me at (714) 745-9100

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