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WTB / 19ft with pump, nice gelcoat and strong stringers
« on: December 27, 2010, 01:22:17 AM »
im looking for a nice project to get going on.  i want the boat to have near perfect gel and stringers.  i want something that needs nothing other than to build up.  it needs to be sitting on a a dual axle trailer that will get it home to portland oregon. i have all the intentions on rebuilding it but i need it to be nice enough for the 1000 mile trip.  i was looking at buying a 25ft baja and taking out a loan but i have a bunch of parts and a motor that i built for the hallett i sold.  let me see what you have. i make my way to cali all the time. im looking for a deal but not a pile i have to go thru.  a 19-21ft is about the size im looking for. i dont want a big day cruiser but a md might work.  looking for a really sleek fast looking hull. must be strait as can be.


500.00 brand new SS AA impeller
400.00 brand new AT high flow split bowl
300.00 a pair of fresh powdercoated black 10 gal alum round fuel tanks
60.00 assortment of matching guages
60.00 gas peddle with cable
50.00 brand new grant steering wheel
200.00 place diverter with fresh powdercoat
250.00 pump housing and shaft with complete rebuild kit with fresh powdercoat

all items are OBO but im not willing to lose a ton on it.

please call me with questions, 503 866 6600  mike


Project Boats For Sale / 1978 hallett bubble deck bare hull and trailer
« on: February 10, 2010, 07:16:20 PM »
you have seen this before and now im selling.  i have a baby on the way. no time to get r done. 

bare hull and trailer.  i am also selling the pump and tanks. 

800.00 cash for the bare hull and trailer
500.00 brand new SS AA impeller
400.00 brand new AT high flow split bowl
300.00 a pair of fresh powdercoated black 10 gal alum round fuel tanks
60.00 assortment of matching guages
60.00 gas peddle with cable
50.00 brand new grant steering wheel
200.00 place diverter with fresh powdercoat
250.00 pump housing and shaft with complete rebuild kit with fresh powdercoat

please call if you have any questions.  i am willing to make an ebay auction with buy it now for any item to be sold, or you can send a money order or pay with paypal.   my email is please email for more pictures. 503 866-6600



Project Boats For Sale / hallett still for sale....lested on ebay.
« on: October 25, 2009, 09:42:22 PM »
well i knew there would come a day that i had t basically just cut my losses. please bid if interested.  if you want to make an offer then let me know a couple days before the auction ends.  buy it now and i will deliver for free up to 500 miles. thats like half way to los angeles.  help me out guys....i need it gone. 

search    230392374118   in the ebay search window.

what u see is what you get. i had the holes in the feet tig welded so new holes will need to be drilled.  i have these listed on ebay and the sale will be done there but i am advertising the link. all parts were 2 step powdercoated.

free shipping to any scjb user that does buy it now.

while your there check out my other items. like i shipping with any buy it now for scjb users!

Project Boats For Sale / 1978 19ft Hallett bubble deck with trailer
« on: August 17, 2009, 04:22:08 AM »
so i decided i should put this in the right place on here now that i was able to find the time to take some better pix. 

1978 hallett bubble deck

berk pump with fresh powdercoat

new stainless aa impeller

new american turbine hight flow bowl

place diverter with fresh powdercoat

Dual 10 gallon round side tanks the were also powdercoated

pump was just build with 0 hours, blueprinted buy conns customs in vancouver, washington

includes everything pictured,  boat, trailer, wiring, cables, gas pedal, floor, interior, guages, ect.

interior is in need of replacement but included.

boats gelcoat is in near perfect shape, a few small stress cracks on the sides of the bow from docking is all.  you can barely see them. 

trailer tows like a dream! new tires and the bearing were done last summer.  all lights work and the brake and turn are led.

asking 4,000$ 

i have 2500 in the pump alone

only reason im selling is because i found a new tow i have my eyes on. 

please call with any questions!!!  (503)866-6600  mike

i will assist in shipping if needed for price of diesel. 

so what i have is a D1VE 460 block that was completely prepped and bored to 30 over.  i had my engine builder do all of the oil galley and dizzy mods that "lakesonly" has on his site.  if i remember its called high flow dynamics.  the procedure basically fixes any problems or slow spots to get the oil through the block and back to the pan.

motor was built with a marine application in mind, not a car though it would probably work just fine.

it has a scat 8000 4.3 stroke crank that is cast steal.
it has scat forged h-beam rods that are all balanced
it has probe forged dished pistons that are also balanced

the crank was balanced and everything was blueprinted

i have procomp aluminum heads and had a little port work done to clean them up from the casting.  these are basically from what i was told cobrajet/trick flow style heads.  they have 95cc chambers that put the compresion ration at around 9.5 to 1.
felpro marine gaskets throughout the engine.

1.73 billet roller rockers
new everything as far as oil pump, timing chain(double roller), tall valve covers(polished), ect.
sfi approved harmonic balancer(non fluid style)

the water pump block off and oil filter relocater and double oil filter housing have fresh gloss black powder coat and will be included.

as far as the cam there isnt one.  nor lifters.  i can have one ground for whoever for the cost of doing so or th motor can be completed with the stock cam for you to worry about. 

i am not including mounts, intake, dizzy, carbs, exhaust, oil pan(unless you want the stock front sump) or anything else not listed for the price im asking. 

i do have many of these items but they will be sold separately or for an additional cost.

i have a full set of hardin marine 4 point mounts that i had powder coated gloss black. i also had the "feet" holes welded so it could be used in a new boat being this motor was in a hondo and was going in a hallett.

i have a weind dual top tunnel ram that was powdercoated gloss black
i have hooker OT headers with water lines that are in great shape. 
i have a non vac malory billet points dizzy

i have other random parts also available. 

as far as the price, i need 5000$ to lose a little. but i have another purchase i would like to make so im willing to take a hit.
machining, balancing and assembling is 2000 alone on the low side.  add the rest and to be honest your getting a hell of a deal. i am up to offers but be reasonabe

the motor is currently on a stand and has not been painted but will be in the color of choice as long as i have some kind of deposit. 
if shipping is required i will need half of the money up front and the rest plus gas money at time of meet/drop. if buyer aranges shipping,  full payment will be required before pick up or at time of sale.

the other items will be sold far any reasonable offer.  if a package deal is wanted i could put a grand total together.  this motor is capable of doing 650 hp with no struggle.  all of the parts are rated to 800hp+ at 7000k  i would consider trades as long as its something i need. 

please call me with any and all questions at (503)866-6600 or email me at  my email goes to my phone so you should get a quick response.  i live in portland oregon but i would be willing to assist in shipping if needed for the cost of gas.  i also have ways to move things to so cal for pretty cheap.

sorry for no pics but i can do my best tomorrow if wanted.  i have been working like a mule for the last few weeks



Projects / 1978 19ft hallett buble deck
« on: July 26, 2009, 04:27:35 AM »
for sale is a 1978 hallet bubble deck.

i have the motor and pump but the motor needs some final touches. 

the hull is in great shape...a couple nicks here and there but over all in excellent shape.
the pump is rebuilt with 0 hours.
it has a stainless AA with a BRAND NEW A.R. high flow bowl and the place diverter has fresh black powdercoat. 

the motor is a 521CI ford with a scat 8000 crank, scat forged h beams, probe forged pistons, roller rockers, hydraulic roller lifters, 292 dur. roller cam, weind tunnel ram and dual 750 double pumper race carbs. 

the motor needs to be finished but i will make that happen if wanted. 

all the mounts were powdercoated as well.  really all this boat needs is interior.  the stringers are solid.  one was replaced by me because of a sunken bolt that started to rot.  the other is like new.   it comes with a vary nice tandem axle trailer that was built for the boat.  trailer has new tires and the bearings were replaced about 6 months ago. 

there is plenty more to list but for a full rundown i prefer a phone call. 



im in the mood for offers right now but in the 8k range is reasonable.  i have far more invested.

im in the market for a 24-28 ft off shore style boat.  would be willing to trade.  projects welcome with pics

i spoiled myself this is my new truck.  its a dodge 3500 crew cab shorty with 6 inch lift and 37's.  i think it will look good pulling my hallett.  i turn 24 on the 17th.

i spoiled myself this is my new truck.  its a dodge 3500 crew cab shorty with 6 inch lift and 37's.  i think it will look good pulling my hallett.

Engines / Engine Parts For Sale / Ford 460 Aluminum valve covers.
« on: June 02, 2009, 08:23:15 PM »
i have a set of Micky Thompson valve covers that i dont need nor can use with my setup. 50 bucks and you can have them as is.  80 bucks and ill polish them all up before shipping.  100 bucks and ill mask and paint your choice of color after polishing.  thanks.

they are polished, finned valve covers that were painted blue on the fins.  they would look really nice all cleaned up.

503 866 6600

shipping is on you from Portland, 97062 zip. 

pics upon request...trying to unpload but my camera is being a pain.  ill try again tonight

i recently have been buying parts from a company out of riverside, California. the name of the place is The Mustang Depot.  the number there is (951) 369-0200.  ask to speak with John Steffen.  they have saved me hundreds on parts and the shipping is super cheap.  i bought aluminum heads, valve covers, and an sfi harmonic dampener and shipping to Portland was 40 bucks.  not to metion he saved me over 600$$$!!!  the guy is really easy to work with and is vary friendly.  i highly recommend calling him if your in the market for parts.  AAA+++


Engine Mechanical / Electrical / 460 stroker motor build up questions
« on: April 28, 2009, 12:02:37 AM »
well most of you know that i am building a pretty mean ford stroker motor for my hallet. as of right now this is what is being done.
scat steel crank
forged H-beams
Forged dish pistons
.030 over bore

this will make 521 CI with room for a future overhaul

i need some advice for my top end.

i traded my single top tunnel ram for a weind dual top tunnel ram. 
i have billet roller rockers.

my heads are the stock iron for now.  i was planning on upgrading to aluminum heads after the summer.  the amount of money that i would put into valves, springs, port and valve seat machining and what i could sell my heads for come pretty close to what i can buy assembled amuminum heads. 

as for the carbs i have none as of now.  i was planning of running either 2 holley 600's or 2 edlebrock 600's.  im not sure what is better or if 600 would even be enough.  what are your thoughts on this??  i know that i can re-jet but with aluminum heads in the future, a bigger(possibly roller) cam may be in order. 

what i am getting at is with a 521 ci roller motor with aluminum heads will the 600s make it happen or am i leaving power in the fuel tank??? 

also, with stock heads, with no port work, i am still going to change out the springs.  i want to be able to run high rpms and for the expense of maybe 100 bucks its worth it.  (i can always throw them in my truck down the road when not needed)  with this in mind if i were to need dual 750s could i tune them down so i dont have to buy 600s now and then 750s later? 

i know this is allot to chew but i dont want to waste any money. 

for this summer i have a guy that will regrind my stock cam to a more agressive profile to get some hp for the summer. 

as for my much and where can i find the stud girdles? and are they really worth the money?  i have aluminum valve covers but i dont think they are going to clear the girdles.  they are finned micky thompson. 

thanks for the help.


The No Wake Zone / Auto/Motorcycle enclosed transport
« on: April 07, 2009, 05:42:58 PM »
as many of you know i repo and impound cars.  i used to run a 2 car enclosed truck from portland to southern california area every week. 

recently i came across a deal i really couldn't pass up.  a friend of mine is selling his 2 car enclosed trailer and im gonna pick it up.  so what this means is i could use some help getting me off the ground again.  i am planning on doing one trip per month just to make some extra scratch. 

if anyone has any friends that need vehicles brought down for Portland or Seattle or something coming up i would really appreciate it!

also...if any scjb member need a car moved i would be willing to make some deals for them.  i can haul anything...bikes, cars, suv, small watercraft, couches ect.   

let me know what your thoughts not running yet but will be soon.


WTB / 2006-2007 dodge 3500 long bed dually
« on: March 30, 2009, 03:37:12 AM »
im looking for a white or black 06 or 07 dodge crew cab long bed dually.   it has to be a dually.  it can be rear wheel drive or 4...

i would like it to have no more than 50k, i want the LARAMIE package!!!

that would mean it had the sport bumper and leather with all power options.

i prefer the 6sp manual and it has to be the 5.9 cummins.

im not sure when the piece of shit 6.7 made its way in. 

ill pay what its worth.  let me know what ya got.

no chebby offers and NO POWERJOKES

i will be making my living off this truck.  i need to depend on it.

so i took a huge load of parts down to the powder coating shop a few days ago so i can get my pump installed and ready the hull for the motor that should be done soon....i know i lagging a little bit. 

i dropped off...

the motor mounts, pump, place diverter, a bunch of little odd ball stuff, both fuel tanks, transome cover and im sure a few things i am forgetting to mention.  half the stuff needed to be stripped or bill was 200$ for mat black then a 90% high gloss clear. 

my trailer is going to be done later this year...600 bucks and they are going to sand blast the entire thing and powdercoat the entire thing white to match my boat. 

if any of you guys are interested in getting some stuff done let me know and i can arrange to help. 

ill post pix when its all done.

all in great shape...going a different direction with my color options. the gauges work...nothing wrong with them...i just want the hardin marine ones that are ALL white.  i have a new steering wheel that is white with black aluminum spokes and i also have a set of black gauge bezels im using...with all that in mind this stuff needs to go.

make an offer...i dont know what the gauges cost new but i know the wheel was like 170.00  ill make a deal on everything to one person or sell separate.



im willing to trade for stuff as long as its something that i need for my boat.  let me know what ya got! i need a billet forward/reverse control...any takers??

« on: February 23, 2009, 09:39:23 PM »
okay so i want to go with a split bowl but im not sure what my best option is...i can get a factory berkeley bowl that has had a little work done to it for about 400 bucks...or i can get an all stock dominator bowl for 200 bucks.  help me out...should i buy the berk or the dom.  or are they both garbage???  the first 2 pix are the dom the second 2 are the berk

i know that the parts are a little different between the two of them but im sure tom can get me the right stuff...

what are your takes????

this is the last damn thing i need to buy so i can send all my shit off to the powdercoater.   

Hulls / when replacingpnly one stringer????
« on: February 19, 2009, 04:32:39 AM »
should i still put the boat up on three points or just support the one side in the rear and the front????


looking around and found county area...its a rogers hull with trailer and berk intake. 200 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!  the intake is worth more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boat Showcase / brought then new toy home...water ready soon!
« on: February 15, 2009, 01:03:52 AM »
1976 hallett bubble deck.  im stoked!!! finally a boat i dont need to f-in paint!!!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:  this one is a gem...almost flawless original gel as well and a fresh berk and my super fresh 460...ill show more pix when its all together...or you can follow all the way in my post in projects...


Projects / out with the hondo and in with the hallett!!!!!
« on: February 15, 2009, 12:53:56 AM »
got rid of the 76 hondo i scored for 950...i got to keep the motor, exhaust, fuel tanks and any other little thing i wanted.  i traded the guy for a 76 hallett bubble deck.  it  has a berk pump and he is rebuilding it for me...(he owns a jet boat shop) also getting a place diverter and what ever nozzle attachment i need for the boat to run in the water right...i.e. a droop snoop or a wedge or whatever. 

i have my 460 getting machined right now.  should be done in a week or so.  boat should be in the water in a month or so...maybe a little longer.  ill keep you guys posted and ill put new pics up when they are created.


Projects / 1976 Hondo build up...
« on: February 06, 2009, 05:34:15 AM »
well i scored a 76 18ft hondo that i thought was going to be "good enough."  i was even going to name it that...well i shortly relized i have the same desease as many of you..."NEVER satisfied!" so thats the new name.   i started by thinking of all the little things i needed to do to get it lake ready.  next thing i know its a full blown build up.  the only problem is i dont have all winter like normally up here.  instead i need to be breaking this thing in on the lake in 3 months. 

so pulling the motor and having some work done.  its getting all new pistons and rings, polishing the rods and crank, balancing everything, the "engine guy" is going to re-work all of the problem areas to make the oil flow better, the heads are getting a valve job as well as a port and polish, all new roller rockers as well as a roller cam.  i already have a tunnel ram and a 850dp to sit on top.  hooker W.I. headers finish that all off.   

i have a jacuzzi wj that came with the boat originally but i have some crazy trades going down on Saturday that is going to put me the owner of a completely rebuilt AND INSTALLED berkeley pump with an AA or A impeller along with a place diverter.  im not sure at this moment what i am going to run but i will figure that out hopefully with some of your expert knowledge!!!  im being told the engine all done and tuned should be in the 500 hp area. along with the ability to run up to 6000+ rpm.  i have some pictures of the first day in the shop and will continue to post up more after every long day working on it. 

as for the gel coat and interior,  this interior is in great shape.  the gel coat is fair...some cracking from neglect.  that i will hold off for a little while.  hope you all enjoy and please feel free for any pointers or sugestions!!!  i wish i had some beer drinking buddies up

so you may have seen a few other post for a few items im selling but i figured i would try this to see where it would get me.

i have a 19ft charger with a drake pump.

i also have a 22ft road runner trailer.

also a 454 big block Chevy that is brand new...all new parts. 

i was try to sell separate but no i have another boat and i really just want this thing gone.  i have no need for it because i have my hondo now. 

i do need part parts for my hondo and i know a ton of you guys have parts laying around...

i need-

berk drop snoot
berk place diverter w/ cable and control...stringer or floor...i dont care.
new gauge set would be cool
new steering


then some cash to level things out.  ill even help with the shipping if needed.  im sure one of you so cal guy will make your way up and be willing to help for a little extra cheddar.

call me if you have any questions....503 866 6600

the pump needs to be rebuilt....i know how the thing goes together and it may be easier for me to reassemble it.  if you want me to put it back together i will for free but you would have to pay for the parts.  this could be a great f-around boat or a really nice project.  if your not trying to go 70 plus the drake would be a great pump...just not as good as a berk performance wise.  imo.   it has a place diverter that is electric and it works.   

i really need this gone so help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!  my summer starts in 3 months....i want to play!!!

Boat Showcase / My new boat....76 hondo bbf/wj
« on: January 27, 2009, 05:25:37 PM »
well...i needed something to put in the water for the summer while my charger is down.

can you believe i paid 950 cash!!!!!

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