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Projects / Winter projects?
« on: December 20, 2018, 05:47:18 PM »
I searched around the forum and didn’t see a winter projects thread so I’m starting one!

Post what you’re working on over the winter. Doesn’t have to be boat related!

Here is one of my main projects below to start this off.

Replacing the flooring and original carpet and having the wood framing/structure replaced in the original seats. Also Going to install new fuel filter & water pressure regulator with driver side dump, all new HPS water hoses and new fuel lines as well as remove and if necessary replace the internal fuel tank pickups (probably original), new throttle cable and cleanup the stereo amp wires. The boat is a 1977 Tahiti Super Tiger and was all original with under 70 hours when I got it two years ago. Should be a busy winter with a lot more work to do. Pics below. And please post up your good projects!

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Whats Cookin? / Biesemeyer @ Bartlett!
« on: June 10, 2017, 05:30:30 PM »
In Phoenix AZ for the weekend and took the Day Cruiser out with the family to Bartlett Lake!  She's a dog up against my Tahiti but runs well as usual! No bad days at the lake!

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Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Water drip from exhaust?
« on: April 13, 2017, 07:49:27 PM »
See photo for reference, is this just a small bleed drain for the exhaust? It was dripping water pretty much all weekend while running and it's messing up my carpet.. only drips on the port side exhaust. If so I am going to run a small hose from it into the bilge.

Boat Showcase / Tahiti Super Tiger
« on: March 19, 2017, 06:26:01 PM »
My name is Kevin and this is my first post, new to the forum! I will start this out with photos and you guys can scroll to the bottom to read my long winded introduction if you have the time.

My Dad with the Beis..

I am thrilled to share my recent purchase of my first Jet Boat! This is not my first boat as I share ($$) a 78 Biesemeyer 454 BBC V-Drive Day Cruiser with my Dad that is kept in Phoenix.
I purchased a Tahiti Super Tiger off of Craigslist last week (I am sure a few of you saw this one) after driving countless miles  between OC, LA, Glendora, Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga (twice), Phoenix and finally San Diego. My experience in what I encountered throughout my search (and in my price range of $8k) was pretty dismal to say the least. I knew I wanted a solid, clean and relatively unmolested hull as a starter platform, a BBC and a Berkeley pump. I really wanted a Biesemeyer since I grew up on one but that would have limited my search. I came across this Tahiti around two month ago and never acted on it because I consider myself a DIEHARD GM guy. After all the struggles of searching I came to terms with the BBF and decided to call on it. The guy (Steve) was honest, sent me a ton of really good photos, and blew me away with his illustration on how unmolested and well-kept the boat was. Once I saw the boat in person I couldn’t pass on it. I am now a Chevy guy with a BBF boat looking forward to jumping into the SoCalJetBoat group with plans on trying to attend most of this seasons events if possible. I will run it this weekend in Parker and then see you guys at Parker on the 8th!

The Boat:
1977 Tahiti Super Tiger – 67 original hours! Stored in warehouse most its life I was told. This boat has never been beached and has a near perfect bottom. She was named “Shadow Dancin” by the original owner, a BGs fan I would guess… Not thrilled with the name and I may change it next winter (Grey Goose possibly?)
460 BBF bored .030 over rebuilt by Motor Machine & Supply in SD – 7 Hours on it so far.
Crower 22903 Power Beast Cam & Hydro Lifters INT/EXH - Dur @ .050” Lift: 210°/226° RR: 1.73/1.73 Gross Lift: .510”/.536” LSA: 112° RPM: 1200 to 3800 Redline: 5200
Cobrajet intake manifold (Stock on boat I believe)
Rebuilt Single Holley 780 DP (I believe but haven’t verified)
Harden Marine exhaust manifolds and valve covers
Compression I believe is 8:1
HP is 300 from Harden but I would think it should be around 330 or 350 with the rebuild – let me know if you guys think different because I don’t have a clue. I was told it ran 60MPH at ~ 4000RPM but again I have yet to verify.
Berkeley 12 JC-A on the Stamp – I was told pump was blue printed 2 years ago but there is no documentation. When I inspected pump grate, impeller and hull it was all in great condition. The original aluminum impeller has minor pits (see photos) but is in great condition.
The original vinyl seats are still soft with ZERO tears, stains, fade or issues, the wood is aged but not ready for a rebuild, bolts remain plenty tight and the carpet is pretty clean for 40 years old, no tears or noticeable stains.
Paint is original and still shines well but has normal stress cracks especially on bow from being walked on I’m sure. No immediate plans to repaint.
I replaced the Rule pump since the one on it was aged, cleaned up some wiring, replaced the original battery box (boat came with a new optima redtop) and ordered a new bucket cable. Once I run it I will determine on spending the coin on a place diverter but for now I think I am just going to have fun and keep it stock! Thanks for reading and see you guys on the water!

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