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Boat Showcase / 3Week 75 Challenger Build
« on: April 11, 2021, 02:06:00 PM »

Bought my first boat off my friend last month a 75 Challenger, has a Berkeley 12JE pump with a place diverter and a ss impeller, got it in pretty rough shape from the previous owner before him. Was rolled with house paint and about 300 stickers... ya.
Had a camping trip about 3 weeks out and decided to try and have the boat running by then
Bought it on a Tuesday and Thursday after work I was headed on a 3 hour trip to LA to pick up a 460 from a boat I found on Craigslist. First weekend I stripped the boat, sanded, body work, masked, and painted engine bay. During the week sprayed primer, checked out the engine and threw some new gaskets, and shot the paint and clear the second weekend. Laid new carpet and all new wiring for gauges leading up to dropping the motor in the 3rd weekend and finished with some long nights getting all the small stuff done for the maiden voyage the following weekend
Literally installed the reverse lever and cf numbers in the parking lot of the marina cause of my tight time frame but thanks to all my friends who helped it was a blast in the water. Had a backfire issue that I think we ruled down to the rockers being too tight but rather than that she was a hit

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