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The No Wake Zone / Re: Pleasant
« on: June 03, 2014, 04:51:15 PM »
pleasant turned into a small ocean halfway thru the day lol. saw some guys with jet boats but they didnt really want to talk after we raced  8) party cove was in full operation. including the floating roach coach

The No Wake Zone / Re: Pleasant
« on: May 29, 2014, 11:26:06 PM »
If your headed out there shoot me a text or run me down! Lol fired up the float today sounds amazing. We will deffinetly be out there sunday. 623-210-8271

The No Wake Zone / Pleasant
« on: May 28, 2014, 02:51:59 PM »
Anyone in AZ  thinking of heading out there sunday?

Nope. Probably make ride like crap too.

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after talking to my dad he said the pump has a lot of work done 10in AA impeller, seems like I have more power than I thought to turn that thing checked cam and ignition timing needed adjusting and then played with jets 5400 rpm and 69mph good enough for me to leave it alone :D :D

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Re: Minor 460 make over
« on: July 03, 2013, 02:05:51 PM »
      I know the carb spacer helps keep the carb cool, keeping the fuel cool, and gives you a denser charge of air/fuel, ive heard things about them helping at the bottom end of the rpms but dont think thats true


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Anything i could do?

Thanks guys, do you think if i add a droop i could get a couple mph? 

Actually, good call on the silicone as long as it is high temp for the exhaust, I seldom use exhaust gaskets on a

Took the boat out today, ran perfect when i was cruseing at 3500 about 50 psi oil and 150temp tightend the packing a little and cavitation went away a little and eventuailly all gone, real fast out of the hole, still stops dead at 5k tried playing with the carb with no luck and reverted all o the changes we made, and last question can i pull the pump out without pulling the motor it looks like i can just un. Bolt the transom mounts and the ride plate, also if i have two diffrent loaders will a more aggressive one give me some more speed or just bog me down i have a berk 12-JC-A witch im guessing the -A means it originally came with an A impeller, if i were to get a diffrent pump what do you think would be a good one that my place diverter will bolt up to, the reasion i say this is because the one i have isint a split bowl and well i think is one of my problems, thanks again gt   


Pump mount gasket was just to point you in a direction... do not use silicone, a MOFO to get apart and the O-ring is cheap...  ;)

Well thats just great istead of buying rewarders 50$ gasket set i decided to use 8$ sillicone, looks better works better i win, untill i have to take it apart, great.   

Alright round 4? I think
      Can i check and change valve timing with motor in?

       Is it bad to adjust 0 lash valve play by feel?

        And is it odd that one random time  the boat got airborne and stalled dead in the water when we landed (started right up after)

         Is a little blowby normal? Almost looks like a faint steam out of the breathers at idle, checked oil on the first break in run it had a white creamy  look to it and im 99% shure its from the assembly lube. Never happened again no water in oil, i did have a problem with the cp performance water pump blockoff plate letting water into the crankcase from where the dip stick is, but i caught it beafore it caused damage. I now use a hardin marine block off plate (the cp performane plate came with the water regulator kit.

Cant really see the motor mounts but can see the front cover pretty good in this pic   

So would a good place to start be slightly tightening the gland packing, and seeing if it goes away at all, what about a worn wear ring? And could i pull the hand hole cover and seal it with silicone? And is the pump mount gasket where the pump bolts to the ride plate, that sounds like a pain in the arse to replace if need be. I have a water regulator i dont know if its possible for it to be sucking air in thru the bypass.

 Oh yeah don't worry im not running out of questions :)


Keep chipping away and asking questions and she'll come to you.   :thumbup:


Yeah sometime :) but, what changes should i do to get it up around 5500 hopefully mostly adjustments, adjustments are free, free is good:)
Diffrent jetting? What should i be running for valve timing, im also getting alot of cavitation out of the hole, revs to about 5900 and goes absolutely nowhere if i punch it, is there a way around this or do i just have to roll into the throttle, maybe a different grate? But i feel like the grate doesent do much until the boats really moving. Thanks GT!!     

Thanks for the reply, yeah i have a thermometer, what should the temp be ? And should it look like that with wet headers? We have an AA 9in impeller (im probably wrong on that) 10deg adv timing. I didn't realize that so many things could affect rpms. 10.5-1 compression. Valve size, motor runs great, it runs out at about 65mph. (Bear with me I'm only 16 trying to learn) i know all of the general stuff so if you say something i don't understand il just ask.   

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Motor stops accelerating at 5k
« on: June 25, 2013, 08:42:52 PM »
Well. Took the tub out the other day and this has been happening sense we got the boat done motor is a bbf 460 thats been re worked, around 650 hp. Runs good out of the hole untill it reaches 5k it doesn't die it just stops accelerating. It should turn around 6500, i talked to someone from scjb an we came to the conclusion that it needs bigger jets carb is holly 850 doubble pumper, not shure whats in it now. Could i just adjust it? Holly red fuel pump. Msd ignition, no rev limiter. Thanks guys, let me know what you think.

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Re: Game: What Broke?
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:52:12 PM »
Hey brad could you sleeve the block and save it ? The 460 i have dropped a valve seat destroying all of the pistons heads valves and some rods, we had to sleeve one of the cylinders, it was the one where the valve seat fell out in causing this whole thing, it idled fine tho :). Runs solid now same crank and block, 11qt oil pan, except i seem to have only 60 or so psi of oil pressure  witch seems low to me but it never drops below that. Hope you get it fixed man...

The No Wake Zone / Re: NASCAR tire
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:06:31 PM »
Thats awseome !

The No Wake Zone / 4th of July trip
« on: June 23, 2013, 02:33:45 PM »
              Anyone going to plesant on the 4th ? i wanna check out some other cool jets, if you see me chase me down haha see you out there! thanks !! :beer:

I made my aluminum tanks but I don't know where you could get any

Boat Showcase / 1977 hallet 19' bubbledeck
« on: May 24, 2013, 09:16:32 AM »
Hey everyone im new to the fourm so if i mess everything up.. thats why  :banghead:, im showing you guys the boat my dad and i built it has become a big influence on what i like to do! im 16 and i cant stop building things!!!!!

custom aluminum tanks tig welded by me , berky pump with place diverter with hydro kit. ford racing 460 block bored .70 cobra jet heads portosonic intake rewearder headers crower cam msd ignition chipped at 7500 about 850 hp at 7000rpm

custom sterio il post more pics later when i get home, if you want to know anything just ask!!! il ty my best to awencer.  :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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