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Any Haskell owners here? I have a 1980 T-Hull I just rebuilt (for the third time). The company went out of business in 83. Heard stories about the family which caused them to go out of business. Have made several modifications to the boat. The transom sits low in the water and the original 250 gph bilge pump will not cut it so I installed two 750 gph pumps with an autostart feature. Also installed a top mount starter bell housing cause the bottom mount would get ruined every season from the water. Then I converted it to an open bow. Installed a blower to vent the bilge. Replaced the rack-and-pinion steering that was an oversteering problem with a standard steer. Then blueprinted the motor and replaced the Holly with throttle body injection. Through the jet exhaust was really quiet but restricted performance so I replaced the whole exhaust system. Jet Boat Performance did a major overhaul on the Panther along with a nozzle to keep the wave runners and jet skis away(cochroaches). Tops out at about 75 mph
  • Boat #1: 1980 Haskell Minicruiser
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