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1974 miller re-rebuild

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Whatís going on guys I havenít been on here in about 3-4 years. I took a long break on jet boats after I killed my olds for the second time in 5 years.

Well anyways I ended up getting another olds (#3)and decided to pull the cover off the boat after 3-4 years of neglect an being a storage unit. To my utter disgust the poor thing was hammered. I had more important stuff like the distributor starter alternator fuel pump and stuff like inside of what I thought was a good rubbermaid tote to my surprise it was filled to the brim with water 🤦🏼‍♂️.

Anyways some of the stuff Iíve done to it so far was completely cut buffed and waxed the entire hull. Pulled all of the interior out of it and notice the floor was sagging so Iím replacing that currently along with the bulkhead. I need to fix a crack thatís in the hull and need some advice on that.

As far as motor work goes Iím just going to use the block, intake, valve covers, and 10 quart pan. As far as the internals go, Iím going to swap in my old rotation assembly from the last motor which was the 496 set up from eagle (Mahle -5cc pistons, 7.10Ē eagle h beam rods, and eagle 4.5Ē crank)  since that had maybe 20 hours on it and was perfectly fine.
I still need to find a better set of heads because Iím most definitely not running the j heads I have.

Slow but surly she will make her comeback and hopefully by june she will be usable. Then over next winter im planing on repainting it back to a more original scheme and redoing the seats to a bench and 2 buckets

mash on it:
Check out 'The Practical Olds' by Tim, I think. Good insights for an Olds build.

Nice Miller, by the way.


Nice! Just looked at my project in the garage and want to start getting on it again.. not getting any younger

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Thanks guys Iíll check out that article again, Iím pretty sure I read it when I had the last motor built my problem that I had were head gaskets I went threw about 6 sets for the 2 seasons the motor ran.
And thanks guys, my friends actually convinced me to get it back out there so why not.

Well anyways I finally got the bulkhead out of the boat today surprisingly in one piece so I can still use it as a template.

Made a little headway on the hull today nothing is set in. I still need to recut the bulkhead a little bigger but floor is but to the size it needs to be.

You can see where the old bulk head used to sit. It sat at a angle before so I put the new one straight up and down. Lost some storage by doing that obviously but I gained  about 14 inches of foot room

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