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86 Sleek Craft open bow


I picked up this 21ft 1986 open now Sleek Craft about a month ago. It was in pretty bad condition, only thing left was the hull and motor. Iíve got some big plans for it and have been working on it almost everyday for the past few weeks. My plans are to rebuild the engine (454) a new floor, new interior and a new paint job. Iíve got a lot done since i picked her up. Almost done with building the interior. Going to pull the motor this week and drop it off at Wayneís Engine Rebuilders in riverside. I rebuilt a 19 ft challenger around this time last year and have a build thread for  that one as well.

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Nice work. Looks awesome so far

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Any updates on this build?

Last night was the first time in 3 weeks that i have actually worked on it. Hoping to have all the seats, engine cover and side panels fiberglassed and coated in resin finished this weekend so I can drop off at upholstery. I will be posting the progress within the next few days. Thanks for looking!

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