Bigger Rooster tail for JE-A pump

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« on: May 05, 2011, 08:07:37 PM »
I just got done modifying my JE reverse bucket, and steering housing a bit to allow the diverter to angle up a whole bunch more. I ground the steering housing where it says "BERKELEY" in the casting up about half way through the letters so the nozzle could go up higher. then I had to grind a notch out of the top of the reverse bucket so it would clear the steering housing when trimmed all the way up. I also "MAXXED OUT" my diverter, and bucket cables for as much trim as possble. All said in done, the nozzle angle can now go up about triple what it did in stock form. The material I removed was not structurally critical, but to go any further would require major grinding, and would possibly weaken the steering, and reverse bucket structures to a point that would make them unreliable. I don't have exact angle measurments that I gained but it will definitly shoot up a really big roost now.---It was pretty good before, but "what the hell"  Anyways, if anybody else wants a bigger roost on a JE/JF pump, this works pretty good.


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