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Tio Pancho:
Picked up a VW mid engine sand rail a while ago (my first). Have not had it out yet, but looking forward to this season. Been tinkering with a few things but now find myself needing some help with tuning the carbs.
Anybody near the La Verne area that could lend some insight or a hand with this? I could throw a few buck in your direction.
Thanks in advance.

Frank (909) 532-2581

What's it doing?

Are they just out of sync?

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Tio Pancho:
What is happening is that I cannot get it to maintain idle below about 1500 rpm. Disconnected the linkage, played with the idles and idle mixture screws. I have a uni-sync and just recently  rebuilt the carbs.

I went back today and checked the float level and also the jets for obstructions.

I was using pretty much the same method as the website.

Any suggestions?


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