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Lookin for ATC tires

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Picked these up last weekend. They are in decent shape, but one of em needs tires and some of the plastics are beat up. Does anyone have some tires for 8" rims lying around or any parts for these?? They are both '86 , 250sx and a 350x. Let know if you do, thanks.

Nice the 350x is a fun torquer

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That's what I hear, I used to have a 200x and that thing was a blast.

Yeah the 200x were fun but the 350 smokes them

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I don't have anything laying around but can put you in contact with one of my old sponsors they are out of corona. They can get you almost everything you need. Triumph Motorsports 951-898-0272 tell him Dennis Capogni sent you

Gimme that BECKY!


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