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Title: SCJB Top 10 List Rules
Post by: Brad @ SCJB on March 06, 2016, 07:43:53 AM
Rule #1: Have fun. The purpose of the SCJB Top 10 list is to have fun. If at any point fun has been lost, then the purpose of the Top 10 list has been lost.

Rule #2: These rules have been written loosely for reasons defined in Rule #1. If at any point these rules are stretched, bent, or taken out of context, Rule #1 has been broken.

Rule #3: The participating Driver and Boat must attend Two (2) SCJB Official Events. Said Driver and Boat don't necessarily have to compete in the SCJB Top 10 List at said events.

Rule #4 All call-outs must be done publicly in the SCJB Top 10 board via a new thread on in the SCJB Top 10 Board.

Rule #5 Challenger can only call-out 1 position above their current position. Challenger and defender must schedule race within the 3 following weekends. If defending spot cannot fulfill this requirement, spot will be forfeited. If challenger is unable to fulfill challenge within required time, call-out is canceled.

Rule #6 Race takes place at spot agreed upon by both challenger and defender. The defender has priority over challenger on determining spot. Races do not have to take place at SCJB Events.

Rule #7 Race length is to be 800 feet and from a dig.

Rule #8 If any participant changes their hull at any time, they must restart from the bottom of the list.

Rule #9 All races are to be coordinated in a safe manner. No racing 3 wide, in rough or crowded water, or beyond the boat or drives capabilities. Any races deemed unsafe by the committee will be disqualified and possibly banned from further participation. Intoxicated driving will not be tolerated. Also, wear a lifeline or some sort of life jacket, ya big dummy!

Rule #10 Jet driven boats only.

Rule #11 Rules can only be contested, challenged, or questioned by the party or parties directly impacted. No outside finger pointing allowed. If you aren't on the list, than keep your nose out of it.

Rule #12 See Rule #1

**Any revisions, changes, additions, or deletions to the rules will be noted below in the replies to this thread.
Title: Re: SCJB Top 10 List Rules
Post by: Brad @ SCJB on April 22, 2016, 12:26:56 PM
12:26pm on 4/22/2016 - Added Rule #10 Jet driven boats only.
Title: Re: SCJB Top 10 List Rules
Post by: Brad @ SCJB on May 16, 2017, 07:30:00 AM
Rule #11 was just added to keep the drama at a minimum. It seems there are outsiders who just want to stick their nose in this list to 'stir the pot'. If you aren't on the list, you don't have a say in anything. If you are calling out #10 to get on the list, you accept the rules and current list standings for what they are. Otherwise you are just a spectator. Not a judge of the rules or of the list.

Rules are only to be challenged by directly impacted parties.