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Hello guys, new to the forums. Enjoy it and like how everybody is friendly and helpful. Don't really post much, just browse and learn haha.. Anyway,  anyone here go to Buena Vista regularly?  I'm from Bakersfield and don't really know anybody else here in town with boat other than my brother and his Kona.

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Fuck I miss that place!!

my parents and friends were regulars in the 70,80,90..personal going there since i was in my moms tummy!
i knee boarded,skurfed(wakeboarding before it happen)single ski,wakeboard...got some tail in the park late at night as a teenager....lol. now i live too far to drag the boat down.river is closer!

I was just there two weeks ago. Had a blast camping playing beer pong in the water. Definitely a fun place to go for a weekend get away!

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Cool. Next time you go down there hit me up. Maybe we can get together.. I'm pretty good at bpong too lol. Where u located

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