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Title: 71 Tahiti 455 water in the Oil why now?
Post by: NorcalSparky71 on September 30, 2020, 10:03:28 PM
Hey everyone,
                        I've got a 1971 Tahiti Torino with the 455 Hardin Marine, Berkeley J pump with a place diverter. I've had this boat for the past 20years and never had any problems until this past weekend. This is has basically been a lake boat since I've owned it but I live right by the bay so I have taken into salt water maybe once a year. This past weekend I took the boat out into the bay and found myself in some really rough water and we all got knocked around pretty good including the boat.
    When I got the boat home I lifted the engine cover to get ready to run fresh water through the block, and there was what looked like chocolate milk everywhere, on the bottom of the engine cover above the engine (as if it shot upward above the oil filler cap), below the engine, and the area around one of the valve covers. I checked the dipstick and nothing but chocolate milk there too. Also have a small rattle that sounds like its coming from the area of the timing chain cover.  I know some of the basic causes of getting water in the oil, but this seems to be related to this harsh day on the water.  Wondering if anyone has any ideas on what may be the likely culprit here, it will start and run fine but there is a definite rattle that wasn't there earlier in the day. I do have the Hardin exhaust with the through transom pipes with rubber flappers.
Thanks in advance for any input.
Title: Re: 71 Tahiti 455 water in the Oil why now?
Post by: mash on it on October 28, 2020, 09:11:03 AM
Wow, that sucks.

I'd wager to guess it's time for head gaskets. You probably don't want to hear that a rod bearing spun, so I won't say it. Chocolate milk shake doesn't lube too well.

If you can isolate the cooling system on the engine and pressure test it would be your best bet. About 18-20 psi. Logs can leak internally, so check that too.

There are guys that know a lot more about Olds than I do.

Best of luck.

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