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Chinese wheel bearings?


I am replacing the wheel bearings on a trailer I just bought. The bearings that came out are koyo brand made in the USA.  I was looking online and all I see is bearings that are made in China. Is there a big difference in quality here? Does anyone have experience with these Chinese made bearings? Where can I go to buy USA made bearing kits? Any help or info on this subject is greatly appreciated!


Koyo bearing are made in Japan. I have worked on cars, boat trailers,trucks, etc. I have never had county of country bearing go bad. With boat trailers, even with buddy bearing, moisture will get in. I myself pull my huds off about every five years. Rubber lip seal get wet and dry out after awhile.i clean the hubs, inspect the bearing and races. And repack with blue marine grease and a new seal. I have boated for 55 years, Parker Strip, and Lake Havasu, and never had a bearing go bad, no matter where they came from. Terry

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Made in Japan but says USA on it? That's straight up trickery! Bastard! Haha thanks for the input on the bearings I keep an eye on them regularly so I should be fine.


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The biggest issue with bearings is the raw materials used and machine tolerances.

I try and use Timken and SKF exclusively.
Koyo makes a very nice bearing and they are made in the USA. They are a JTEKT North America Company. I use the Koyo double rollers in my jet pump rebuilds when SKF are not available.. Never one time had an issue.

As long as they are packed properly and you use a quality seal and Bearing Buddies you should be cool. Just know that with bearings, you sort of get what you pay for.



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