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« on: January 28, 2017, 10:55:25 AM »

The year was 1988. My pops was an investor in a boat shop. The "owner" had a couple of old boats at the shop, that were in the way for inventory/customers' boats. So, my Pops and I loaded them up onto a car carrier and brought them back to the ranch.

These 2 boats were gutted, one had a broken intake in it, the other the intake was gone. There was some bow damage, mostly from not being on trailers for maybe 10+ years. They were both 18-19' hulls. Pops (50 at the time,) and I (18) lifted one at a time on to the car carrier. Them hulls couldn't have been more than 400 lbs. And they were both TUNNEL Hulls. They were both rigged at one time, and one had a set back pump. The "owner" said they were race boats at one time, I don't know. I had NOOO CLUE what was laying in my back yard!!!

I was enlisting in the Navy at the time, and after that fell through, I went to Marine Mechanics school. Daytona Beach, Fla., then on to Havasu and blah blah blah...

I always wondered what happened to them hulls. Scrapped? ReBuilt? Maybe one (or both) are here on SCJB

Anyone ever get a Tunnel Hull out of Hesperia, Ca?

Thats all I got.


Who made them? I don't know. Where'd the go to? I don't know that either.
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