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Title: Amp and Speaker Wiring 4 to 2 ohms
Post by: trido on September 25, 2018, 06:09:57 PM
Hey guys,

Wanted to pick some brains. Hereís the scenario, I am currently upgrading the stereo in my 76 Tahiti. I was looking for something compact and powerful (as we all are) as well as something I could just bolt in under the hull. I had 2 6x9s in boxes and an amp but the bolts kept pulling out of the boxes and would fly around under the hull on choppy days. So this time around, I decided to go with a set of 8Ē wake tower speakers that I mounted on a metal rail system under the hull and an MB Quart 2 channel compact amp. Iím about to wire up this amp but I have a few questions regarding Ohms.

My speakers are rated at 150watts RMS at 4 ohms and 300 watts peak. Using the 1.5 power formula, Im assuming the right size amp for these speakers would be 225 watts RMS at 4ohms. However, my amp is rated at 100 watts rms at 4ohms and 200 watts rms at 2ohms. I am using a head unit that has 25 watts per channel RMS.

1. Is there a way to wire the speakers to 2ohms being single voice coil using a single channel on the amp per speaker?
2. Is this even necessary to get the full performance out of the speakers?

Iíve never really been able to grasp mobile audio so I was wondering if anybody could help me shed some light on the subject.

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Title: Re: Amp and Speaker Wiring 4 to 2 ohms
Post by: CHROMEY on April 01, 2019, 12:00:42 PM
Post up part numbers so i can reference. .u should be able to wire the amp "bridged" both positive to one right channel and both negative to the other side channel. That will give you 2 ohm bridged power

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