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This boat is supposed to be a Nordic but not sure
« on: September 20, 2020, 09:50:05 AM »
I bought this jet boat and it's supposed to be a 1988 Nordic, but honestly I'm having my doubts. A previous owner from 5+ year ago contacted me and told me this boat used to be his and I found old pictures of the boat and it clearly says Nordic on the side and says Nordic both on the title and on the registration I got from the guy I bought it from. Which the guy I bought it from had no clue about anything on the boat, he owned it for two weeks and apparently bought it from an auction. Everything he had told me about it was also wrong. Supposed to have a BBC 468 and actually has a BBC 396, etc etc.

The things that lead me to believe it's not a Nordic is the HIN. The MIC number on my HIN with PVH which comes back as a company named "PROFESSIONAL BOAT BLDERS LTD" which was in business from 1989 to 1991. A true Nordic should have NDC. I've also never seen a HIN end with a letter, I've only ever seen them end with say 88 for a boat to be a 1988.
I've also never seen another Nordic with 1/4 stringers like my boat has from the research I've done. Every one seems to be full stringer. I've also have yet to see another Nordic jet boat this style made this late into the 80's.

The HIN on the boat is stamped into the hull and matches the registration and title. Also in certain spots I can see where the boat used to be red with a flake and the hull used to be a cream? with a flake. Now the boat is simply white and red with no flake

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