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The No Wake Zone / Boat sliding back while towing
« on: July 31, 2018, 11:32:54 PM »
Does anybody else have have a problem with the boat sliding back a bit on the trailer while towing? When I load the boat on the trailer, I can have about 1/2" of bunk showing and the floater bar pin is pushed to the back of the bow eye.
By the time I get home, this last trip I noticed it at the first stop, the bunks are 1/2" under the boat and the pin is pushing forward on the bow eye. 
I have tried to strap the transom down, over the pump, from ski hook mounted on the engine to the trailer. No matter what the boat seems to slide back.

Just wondering if this is normal with floater bar set ups.

I have some leaks around my Olds. Not like a running drip, but more like it has been sprayed/vaporized. Not a lot, but a little here and there, like around the pan, fuel pump boss (that is blocked of), the front seal and in the bilge. I'm pretty sure I have too much crankcase pressure. I don't have
any drain back mods done so I know I get too much oil in the valve covers if I stay in it too long. But with all the oil "mist" around the lower half of the motor and in the bilge I'm thinking too much crackcase pressure is pushing the gaskets and seals.
The motor runs good and was built 20 years ago, but only has maybe 40 hours. I want to run a leak down test because I'm curious if the rings were seated.
BBO 10:1 CR, 10 quart pan with 8 quarts oil. Mickey Thompson valve covers with tall Offenhauser breathers, not baffled, is the only ventilation,
no PCV. 

If the leak down checks out, I'm pretty sure it's a venting issue. My question is, if I put a breather on the oil fill tube, would that help?
I know a pan evac or puke tank would be better, I was just curious about this breather on the oil fill cap idea.
A breather like this:

edit- on the oil fill cap.

The No Wake Zone / Re: Tia a sad day:(
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:08:53 AM »
Time to throw some money at her!

Sent from my iPhone using SoCal Jet Boats
So, you're saying there's a time we don't throw money at them?  ;D

What do you have to do?

Project Boats For Sale / 86 Elininator Liberty on CL $1500
« on: January 23, 2011, 08:27:35 PM »

Not mine. I don't know anything about it. Just thought this might be of interest to some of the Comp Jet guys.

I know Libertys don't come up too often.

Jet Pumps / Removing Diverter arm bolts
« on: July 29, 2008, 09:10:54 PM »

I hope the pic works, I borrowed it from one of Beerjet's post.
I need to get off the three bolts that attach the the arm to the diverter.
I tried the allen wrench and I can feel them starting to strip, one actually did.
Any tips or tricks? I thought Reid LBSuperjet posted with the same problem, but I
can't find it. I just looked through all the pages of the Jet Pump forum and can't find
anything similar.
I would like to do the least amount of damage as possible, I have been reading this forum
for a long time ;D

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