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When i bought my boat it had an edelbrock carb and adapter on it but also came with the original Quadrajet carb as well.  The prior owner was chasing what he thought was a fuel problem and changed carbs, turned out to be electrical.

I put the original carb back on and it ran better however i never liked the throttle cable set up.  The previous owner had the morse clamp drilled into the lifting eye and it was not aligned to the carb correctly and sometimes hangs up at 1100rpm.  I did recently find what i believe is the factory Marine Power morse clamp location below the remote coil bracket behind the carb.  My problem is, there doesnt appear to be the correct way to mount the throttle from a "rear push" configuration.

Does anyone know how the Marine power engines came originally in a jet boat?

How it is set up now (yes i know the engine is dirty, dont yell at me)

I put a screw driver through what i believe is the original location

fixing a "steering" issue with the Lavey, turns out i have multiple issues going on, but i found this when pulling off my nozzel:



Jet Pumps / 96 Lavey Craft 21Xt porpoising problem
« on: October 20, 2017, 09:45:01 am »
Hey there everyone, been scoping around for a while but this is my first post.  I wanted to get some feedback from some great minds here.

My history with Jets ?  My Brother and I have owned a '69 tahiti 18' with 455 olds/berkeley combo for 13 years.  it was our first boat.  3 years ago i upgraded and bought my 96 Lavey Craft 21 XT Ski with a 454 (330hp) and Dominator pump.

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ]

Our Tahiti ran on rails with the place diverter, the Lavey, not so much.  Porpoises all the time, at all speeds.  The only real way to stop it is to toss two kids up front and trim all the way down.  not the best for cruising efficiency haha.

About the boat:

transom to nose 21', total overall length with built in swim step 22' 8".  #/- 3300 lbs .  Dominator insert pump and the hull had a delta pad that best i can measure with angle finder is 3* up from keel.

When i bought it, the ride plate (Cav plate? )  its small like 8" x 12", was set 3* down from delta (0* from keel)  i adjusted up 3* so that it was inline with delta pad and no change in porpoising.   This is very annoying as i cant cruise faster than 3800 or even trimming all the way down doesnt work any more and i cant ever throw a roost as i look like a bucking bronco fool on the water  :mad:

What are your thoughts?

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