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Cars / Automobiles For Sale / 2006 EZ GO GAS Lifted Golf Cart
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:22:40 pm »
Selling my custom built EZ Go TXT Golf Cart ... Great condition with a lot of Modifications

 - A-arm coil over longtravel Lift kit professional installed 8 months ago .
 - Off-road tires and ITP wheels 8 months old
 - prerunner bumper and skid with HID lights
 - KIcker amp and 4 speakers iPod stereo
 - Carbon fiber dash
 - billet steering wheel and column
 - new clutch
 - large capacity battery
 The motor is 100% stock and was just serviced
 Selling only because we sold out river house . Over 14k invested

 $ 6900.00 obo

Selling our 2 bedroom , 1 bath river mobile home in Echo lodge . Has many upgrades , new carpet , Windows , tuff shed , water softener , fully furnished . 50 yards from the Colorado river . Park has many nice amenities such as a pool , restaurant etc .... Space rent is around 500 a month and includes all utilities except electric .... Will entertain trades for RZR XP4 1000 , or a Weekend Warrior FS30- FS32 07 And up . Or even a nice muscle car .....

Cars / Automobiles For Sale / 1987 Honda TRX250R SOLD
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:00:02 pm »
This Bike was given to me as a repayment for a loan .... I am just looking to get what I am owed . I rebuilt the top end 2 months ago and it has been ridden twice . Has a FMF Pipe , Quad Tech Carbon Fiber Hood .  Cascade seat cover ,Full set of sand and Dirt tires . Bike is in real good shape. It could use some axle bearings and maybe a rebuild kit for the carb . It has a current green sticker and Title . I would like to get 1400 OBO . I have 4 quads already and really dont have the room for the bike .

Boat Showcase / New Boat
« on: March 03, 2012, 05:14:09 am »
Well we out grew our Mini Day cruiser .... Family of 7 , So I Had to Upgrade ..... The wife was tired of getting back eyes on rough/busy  weekends too ..... So I got a steal on a 2002 Essex with a 496 and yes Bravo 3 .... man those props are expensive ....... Now i have to change my driving style or else i will be Replacing outdrives and what not LOL

Want it out of my garage .... Great shape . Live in Apple Valley Ca.

The No Wake Zone / What Happened to the guy with stolen Boat in Vegas ???
« on: September 19, 2011, 05:18:20 pm »
I was looking to see if he found his boat , and I notice he wasnt on here anymore ..... any one know what happened???

Boats For Sale / 1979 Charger 21 Mini Day cruiser $6200 obo
« on: September 04, 2011, 07:03:16 am »
Well the time has come to sell my baby . I purchased this boat four years ago as a shell and have spent alot of time and money to get it to where it is today . i will start with the motor . It was rebuilt last winter , by a engine shop . it has all ARP fasteners , forged pistons . All new rotating assembly . 8 quart custom oil pan . Comp cam mild cam with roller rockers . Weind stealth Intake , Holley 750 double pumper .All new MSD 6AL and pro billet distributor . Runs on 89 but I always used 91 .Only used valvoline racing synthetic. Changed oil every 2 trips . has stainless lines running to harman marine longbolt headers , which I have a spare set i will include. I have A berkeley 12JE Jet that was rebuilt 4 months ago with a new A impeller and a new Hydraulic Place diverter kit . It has three new Optima Yellow top Batteries with billet hold down brackets which will allow you to listen to the stereo all day long and have plenty of juice to fire up . It has a new chrome 130 amp Alternator .  Stereo has 2 12 inch subs , 4 rockford fosgate speakers .2 amps ,and a high end Kenwood deck with ipod, remote and Sirus satelite. The gauges are autometer silver comps. Interior is fair , has a couple of small rips in the seams but could easily go another few seasons . The subfloor was replaced this year and the stringers were completely recovered with glass and resin professionally . The gel coat is fair , i just had it rubbed out but it was the last step I was going to do to complete the boat was gel coat it . I am pretty firm on price , but I would like to sell . I have a new boat on order .

And how much should there be ...... seems like mine is quite excessive

Miscellaneous / Spam / Yamaha Gas Lifted Golf Cart
« on: August 06, 2011, 09:02:53 pm »
Lifted Gas golf Cart . 4 seater , 2 batteries, CD Player, Offroad Lights , Clutch kit and carb kit . Will do 45 MPH . And climb medium Sand dunes . $1950 OBO

35% tread left , no plugs or chewed up tread. Great condition . $500 Dollars

Audio / XM Or Sirus???
« on: July 10, 2011, 06:33:12 pm »
I am  tired of the IPOD deal trying to mess with that while cruising , I was thinking about going Satelite .... But was concerned with reception in the Parker Strip  . Anyone have issues or advice before I spend the money ???

My 68 Daily driver / Prerunner Build .

Miscellaneous / Spam / Traxxas Spartan Rc Boat
« on: June 21, 2011, 08:49:36 pm »
I know this is the real boat section , but I bought this to play with at the river when I wasnt boating ..... I bought it 2 months ago and used it twice . I paid 430 at Hobby People . It is in perfect condtion with everything included as if it were new .... It hauls butt and gets alot of attention . I am planning on getting a gas powered one is the reason for selling . Comes with two batteries charger , spare prop . NO TRADES OR CASHIERS CHECKS FROM AFRICA

The Parker Strip / Be at Parker 6-1 to 6-5
« on: May 30, 2011, 07:16:12 pm »
Any one going to be out at Parker this weekend ???

I just received my kit to change over my place diverter to hydraulic . The pump is pretty heavy and the mount looks flimsy ... Where should I mount it ??? I was going to try under my rear seat , but the hydraulic lines might not be long enough ... I have no stringer room ..... Because I run logs ... I think it would get beat to death on the transom... Any ideas ??

Interior / Best Foam removing tool I have used .....
« on: May 22, 2011, 07:54:15 pm »
Had to do a buddies floor today and I purchased two of these tools and We had the foam out in 2 hours ..... Works great though i would share ......

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Are these rockers adjustable??
« on: May 21, 2011, 09:54:40 am »
I had these installed last winter when my motor was rebuilt , And i heard a little tick in the drivetrain at idle .... Do these need to be adjusted at all , If so how ?They have a allen wrench head and a jam nut ...Thanks in advance

I am messing around with my spring selections with my my Holley 750 vacuum secondaries. I have a mini day cruiser with a BBF , and a motor that runs around 4800 to 5000 rpm . Whats a good rpm to have them start opening ??

Excellent condition , black , don't know how long cable is but it went from my pump to the front seat on a 22 ft boat. $200+ shipping

Jet Pumps / Hydraulic conversion for diverter???
« on: May 16, 2011, 12:51:08 am »
I have a 12je with a place diverter and floor mount manual shifter . I was thinking about converting to a hydraulic kit because of the convienence . Had a few questions ??? Is the conversion easy? Do I have to get out of throttle to adjust like I have to the manual one ?? And cons besides price ??? Thanks guys ....

The No Wake Zone / Harman Marine
« on: May 11, 2011, 07:22:57 pm »
I have been actively searching for the last few weeks for a set of longbolt harman marine logs ........ Mine are starting to crack numerous places so I was looking for a better set . I searched ebay, craigslist, here lol , and I ended up finding out that harman marine is now named renegade boats . They are in the OC . So I called them up and it turns out that after talking to the owner , he had one set of take offs left in the back . I hauled mail down there and after talking with him   , he said he worked with the original Harman marine in the 70s back in the Jetboat hey day .... I asked him where all the casting molds for the logs went , and I guess Harman before they sold out gave them to Berkeley to clear a debt and then Berkeley was planning on casting a bunch and that never happened ..... He thinks Hardin marine had them last .... It would be sure nice to get a set of these brand new .... Anyways interesting least  to me lol

Jet Pumps / Is my impeller to conservative ???
« on: May 08, 2011, 06:24:27 pm »
Had my jet rebuilt this winter and decided to stay with a "A" impeller . I figured my BBF around 450-500 Hp .....Well after all the little bugs were worked out I run at 4300 RPM at full throttle around 65-68 MPH . That RPM seems bit high . But it runs so great with no cavitation issues and has a great holeshot . I just dont want to trash the motor ,because I love to mash it . Thanks

I was sitting at roadrunner the other day talking to a older man who had a cherry  biesemeyer . I was telling him that I could never get my new motor to run below 180 . It always sits at 180 -200 at idle. Everything is the hooked up the same , timing , jetting great . New pump and no obstructions ....... anyways he told me why not run the pump water line straight to the motor and forget preheating through the logs ...... I never run in ice cold water , so has any one done this ???Any Ideas ???Thanks

Need a set ???? Anybody?

Hulls / Leak.....
« on: April 24, 2011, 01:29:31 pm »
I have a pretty good leak somewhere in the middle of my boat  . I have a 79 charger mini day and my bilge came on every hour this weekend while it was sitting in the river . Not Gushing in but a steady trickle ...... I was planning on gel coating the boat this winter and really dont want to pull my subfloor and interior before summer, Could I get under the boat and try to locate the hole and fill it with 3m marine silicone??????  I know its a hole because the retard who owned the boat before me decided to use 2 1/2 tech screws to secure the seats . Thanks

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