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Engine Mechanical / Electrical / gas tanks
« on: August 22, 2009, 10:17:13 am »
So I got a new problem, my boat only seems to be drawing gas from one tank.  It has a switch that should allow you to pick between either tank but it never worked.  It just drew from both at about the same rate, but now it stopped.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / 460 shuts off
« on: May 16, 2009, 07:44:13 pm »
Hey what’s up everyone, I’ve been hangin around website for a couple months finally joined today.  I am pretty new to boating, bought my first boat last year for $1500.00. It’s a 21 ft Omega open bow with Jacuzzi pump and a ford 460.  I had to redo the sub flooring, bought a new jet for it and had the carb rebuilt.  I was reading some of the forums, and hope to learn a lot form this site. 
I ran into a problem I took the boat out on the water it runs fine for about 15 minutes then it abruptly shuts off.  I am not really mechanically inclined but I don’t mind get my hands dirty.  It’s done this twice once at speed and once while idling, after it shuts off it won’t start back up for about 30 minutes.  I am rewiring the gauges this week.  Does anyone knows where I should start? 

Thanks  ???     

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