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Jet Pumps / Re: Jacuzzi energizer kit
« on: April 20, 2015, 08:03:33 pm »
I have a Jacuzzi yj with an energizer kit.  I had a Berkeley before and it had a place on the top of the bowl to put gear oil.  I haven't noticed a spot on this pump for that.  Do I need to search harder?

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 Depending on the vintage of your  Energizer , the bowl could either be water lube (no oil or grease required as water lubes the bowl bearings ) or grease lubed (zerk for grease in the rear of the bowl) look in thru the nozzle for a fitting , Berkeleys use an oil bath system to lube the rear bowl bushings that takes 90 wt gear oil Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: energized wj potential?
« on: September 25, 2012, 12:46:24 pm »
Any other suggestions? I wanna call tom at JBP but don't wanna bug, I'm sure he has people calling all the time to ask a million questions

Feel free to call anytime , check your PMs for my cell if you need to caLL IN OFF HOURS tOM

The No Wake Zone / Re: Berk JE/a
« on: April 22, 2012, 05:15:30 pm »
Corey give me a call tommorow  Thanks Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: hyd, diverter help
« on: April 20, 2012, 09:48:30 am »
Guys unfortutnatley this install will require swim step mods or a Lo profile setup anyone needs help don't hesistate to call Tom 805 466 4719

Jet Pumps / Re: Energizer kit worth it?
« on: April 08, 2012, 03:09:59 pm »
YJ Energizer and Xcelerator kits provide enormous advantages over stock performance particularly when addding power above 350HP , WJ Jacuzzis work very well in stock and slightly modified forms , One big advantage to either is when the repairs/parts  needed begin to approximate the price of the conversion kits or in the case of the WJ the only OE impeller available is aluminum (no stainless or bronze) and they (OEM impellers) now retail for $585 as well as the fact that they are produced in very limited quantities Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: jac to berk how hard?
« on: April 08, 2012, 03:01:23 pm »
Thanks I will if I decide to do it i think I'm gonna sell the berk tho and buy some seats also does a diverter exist for the yj?

There was a trim made for the YJ (obsolete now) but not a actual Place Diverter a Place diverter can be added after an Energizer , or Xcelerator kits (mixed flow conversion) but not to a stock YJ Tom   

Jet Pumps / Re: jac to berk how hard?
« on: April 08, 2012, 10:22:21 am »
Anyone know how much Work it is to go from jacuzzi yj to berk pump?

We've done dozens of these type conversion in nearly any imaginable combination (Drakes, Jacs, Vdrives, stern drives to jets) , all involve "grunt" work (grinding/glass work) and some engineering we have also built and modified, of them all the YJ or Panther to Berkeley is the most "challenging" If we can help you with Tech info, or "coaching" or general information  feel free to contact Josh or myself..... Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: Bassett Headers Cleaning
« on: March 24, 2012, 07:54:09 am »

For rust and normal cleanup , you can try Chrome wheel cleaners like sold at Oriellys (acid ,be carefull) re the blueing its a natural occurance of heat and chrome , somtimes aggravated by fuel mixture issues , once blued it will not 100% disappear , this like "blueaway" will clean it a bit , The exauast heat causes the nickel in the chrome to revert back to it's pre-chrome state.It's is basically the molecular structure acting in reverse.Chrome goes through many stages of plating,sliver,cadmium,nickel,chrome.Nic… blue it is raw form.Very fine steel wool works best IMO  Good Luck with your new boat Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: Berkeley pump is knocking...
« on: March 24, 2012, 07:46:31 am »
X's 2 on the drive line as roost said , "machine noise" (stacato grumbling/rattling) is common in jets at low rpm/speeds and particularly running out of the water with no load on the impeller (not recommneded BTW) , this is also made worse by heavy impellers like stainless and bronze , things like "lumpy cams" and wear in between the male and female splines at the jet input can also aggravate the issues.Unless it worsens , vibrates when running or makes noise above idle (in the water) its not likley a problem beyond the annoyance  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: New jet boat owner with Dominator Jet Questions
« on: March 16, 2012, 06:02:01 am »
I still have one concern. on my model, how does the bowl bearing get lubricated? everything I find online says to lube the thrust and bowl bearings. My jet does not have a zerk for the bowl. I found the Dominator manual at my Father's and read it through. It does clearly state "Your DOMINATOR JET DRIVE requires lubrication of only one bearing, the thrust bearing" Does this mean it's water lubricated? does this set up result in more frequent bearing failures? it's been some time since the jet was last re-built, what should I look out for?


With no model number its a  guess but likley is you are correct in your thinking and  Dominator does likley have water cooled and lubed tailshaft bushings. These  are a Garlock or DU composition insert similar to a cam bearing in an engine in both composition and design, the require no service and yes the are subject to failure primarily from wear and the jets natural processing of sand, grit and silt etc while operating , There are kits and mods available to convert these to a grease lube type , but removal and re-installation of the carrier sleeve if equipt can be tricky and the bowl can be terminally damaged if not done correctly  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: berkeley 12jc
« on: March 04, 2012, 09:31:18 am »
I just picked up a larson boat with 455 olds,it has a berk12jc in it. The person I bought it from said that the jet doesn't work,its been sitting for about a year.My son & I noticed that there was a bunch of twigs and other garbage in the output side of it, we cleaned it all out and then got inside the boat and took off all the inspection covers.We looked inside and everything looked great,we greased all zerks,u joints,shafts,impeller all look good,we were wondering what else should we do b4 trying to fire it up,like more thorough cleaning,should we use some air to blow through the inspection shaft by the impeller,any lube sprayed or oils added anywhere?maybe get some water and wash through it?   We are thinking try the little things first,does anybody have any tips or ideas that they might do or know of to try any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

If your jet has been stored and not exposed to the elemnets it will likely be fine , what you have done was proactive and theres not much more you could do sans disassembly and rebuilding , rinsing thru it couldn't hurt, don't over grease it and double check the bowl oil  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: berkeley E pump place diverter help?
« on: February 23, 2012, 08:08:28 am »
does anyone know if you can put like a berkeley 12 jc place diverter on a berkeley E pump or is the E pump place diverter compatiable with any other berkeley pump place diverters?

Gave you some ideas on this on the other "E" thread  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: Berkeley "E" pump questions
« on: February 23, 2012, 08:06:33 am »
does anyone know if you can put like a berkeley 12 jc place diverter on a berkeley E pump or is the E pump place diverter compatiable with any other berkeley pump place diverters?

"E" diverters are unique in the way they are set up to control the up/down trim , reverse and steering , one can adapt an from other Berkeley type applications if your willing to make some other minor changes (steering and other cable relocations) , we do these rountineley , my current boat has a standard Place unit on a E pump  , Conversley I Cant imagine why one would ever attemp to put an E specific diverter on a standard Berk set up however (mainley due to the steering control Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: Bought my first jet-1978 spectra19ft with 454
« on: February 08, 2012, 07:02:16 am »
Hey I just got my first jet .its a 78 19ft spectra with a 454.i was curious what Ho and specs were for the motor.looks to be all stock,I did a numbers check on motor,and build date is I am pretty confident it is original has a Berkeley jet on it,not sure which model.has a place diverter(hydraulic)as well.thru transom exhaust.any info anybody has on the old spectra jets wud b appreciated.i took it out couple times at end of summer last year when I got it,with 3 guys and heavy cooler ,bothbtanks full and a pull tube layn on engine cover  gps got it at 60mph.water wasn't the will hit around this pretty decent for this type of boat?thanks for any info guys.

Welcome and congratulations on your aquizition  your performance and numbers are right in line and very respectable , and the 049's are a good choice for that application looking forward to seeing some pics  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: berk rebuild/refresh
« on: January 25, 2012, 01:35:20 pm »
ok sooo now i have my pump all apart...what should i be lookig for with the ware ring? should this be replaced ? and i have a standard A cut alum. impeller thats in good shape no dings chips how do i size a new ware ring? thanks for any help

Assuming you have a non sholdered wear ring there is no real accurate way to measure it (especially once removed) without sofisticated tools, you can use a dial caliper to span and measure the impeller skirt and get some idea of what you might need. If your commited to replacing the W/R anyway the impeller should measure (standard) 7.225+ or- (if perfect) , if much undersize you'll need to machine it to say .005 under or .010 etc and the go back with a oversize W/R to compensate  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: input shaft seal? leak
« on: January 25, 2012, 01:27:31 pm »
OK so my setup:
Jacuzzi wj? With American Turbine energizer kit

And when i'm sitting still on the water I can see a steady stream of water leaking from the jet drive around the input shaft. What's the best fix? Tired of turning on the bilge pump every 20 minutes

Jacuzzi doesn't use a rope packing or mechanical seal either in original or in "energizer" form, it employs to Clipper seals in behind the main bearing to seal the suction from atmosphere as well as to keep water from the boat and the bearing,  if water is weeping from the weep hole on the bottom of the seal carrier its because the seal (or seals) are fowled or damaged There no adjustment or simple fix the pump shaft needs to come out for repairs call me if I can help or I'll talk to you next time i'm in MB .. Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: berk rebuild/refresh
« on: November 21, 2011, 09:19:02 am »
Tom- Do you guys run the gasket between the transon adaptor and the the transom? What's the trick to get it to seal properly?

Missed this earlier but that question , honestly depends on the situation , if properly installed the original bowl O'ring and transom adaptor gasket on berk type application works very well , this is especially handy if one is planning to make impeller changes right away , the silicone "install" is more permanent and definately "dicey" to remove and clean , it (silicone) also seals well when everything is clean and done correctly  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: berk rebuild/refresh
« on: November 21, 2011, 09:03:27 am »
X2 on the appliance paint, cheap and easy.

Agree with the paint , although most of out new Jet drive Castings are powder coated, this is done in tightly controlled conditions , we typically use epoxy paints to recoat and restore as we have encountered problems with "job shop"re-powder coated bowls and suctions in the past , our foundry cheif engineer recently explained that it not so much the re-coating but rather the temps and perhaps poor control by the individual coater that could create casting distortion and thus alignment or fitment issues  Tom 

Jet Pumps / Re: berk rebuild/refresh
« on: November 13, 2011, 05:59:14 pm »
There should be little to no silicone neccesary if the correct seals, gaskets and packings etc are used and I'd Mic your pump sahft looks fairly well worn from the pics  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: berk rebuild/refresh
« on: November 11, 2011, 12:44:39 pm »
well i want to refresh my berk 12jg this winter. i dont really have any problems with it other than some knocking some times and think some seals could be i dont need a race or high performance pump ...but sence i'm gona refresh it ,i would like 2 do some added things 2 it while its apart. any info would be grate... and if anyone knows someone in norcal that rebuilds pumps that would be awsome...and i've herd alot of prices on the cost but...really , what would it cost 2 do a basic freshin up on a berk.... and i was thinkin of doing it myself.. but what are the pros and cons?  i know the tools are like 300 or 400 bucks 2 do the job right

thanks in advance

 In addition to doing R&R and Bench overhauls we regulary "coach"  folks thru these jobs , If you have some basic mechanical skills and feel confortable attempting to do the work were here to help , we take tech calls 7 days a week , we also suggest you check out the jet drive overhaul tutorial available on our website , This work is fundamentally simple there are a few tricks and "pitfalls" and lots of folks find sucess and enjoy douing the work themselves  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: Jaqcuzzi WJ issues....
« on: October 17, 2011, 12:33:16 pm »
:banghead: OK, so i took the Spectra out weekend before last and it was running its usual slow, slipping high RPM's due to a very worn wear ring (I'm guessing).  it runs about 35 at 4200 RPM, the motor is old, stock to be honest, im affraid to push it too much past that at this point.  So the family and i find a nice cove, dump our crap off, do a lil swimming and when we get back in the boat,  it runs fine, but will not get on plane, and the motor started getting hot so its obviously NOT pumping water.  we got towed back in, what a pain that was...  i threw it on the trailer and took it home.  over the weekend i pulled it apart, half expecting to find the wear ring GONE but it was intact.  Worn, but intact.  so i have the WJ broke down to nothing and i guess i just wanna know will a wear ring fix my issues?  I know the WJ isnt the best and i am ok with that at this point but does the symptom of working normal, then nothing make any sense?  it was pumping some, so when i said none, it was not accurate.  not enough to keep it cool, and barely enough to make it move.  when i took it apart, i didnt find any foreign matter like rope, or plastic so i am stumped!  Help???

 :beer: :beer: :beer:

Not withstanding something stuck on the backside of the impeller (where you cant see it) , the possibilities are , #1 whatever it "picked up" which potentially caused the problem maybe fell out when you "trailered" the boat, (this happens alot) or #2 that the jet needs internal repairs , Impeller or wear ring, the WJ uses a plastic wear ring and they do deteriorate and fail , let us know if you need disassembly help or repair parts Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: Pumps in general
« on: October 07, 2011, 08:24:46 am »
Berkeley, older Dominator & American Turbine, Aggressor and Legend jets all are very similar in design and can share many interchangable parts, Jacuzzi YJ jets and Panthers are axial flow jets and work very well for what they were designed to do, Jacuzzi Wjs are built similarly to Berkeley style jets , All these jets are dependable/reliable when maintained and cared for Some are more expensive to repair when damaged (Jacuzzi YJ and Panther) mainly due to diminishing parts avaialbility and thus greater cost.  The First five jets (mixed flow) I mentioned all tend to lend themselves to high performance applications and have been the "weapon" of choice for years among the performance crowd  Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: What size shoe does my little girl wear?
« on: September 20, 2011, 07:13:03 pm »
Hey guys as you all know there's a wealth of knowledge on this site. I've tried studying all the answered questions, but the only thing I can come up with is that everything is trial and error.  I was hoping that a could get some info on where to start with my pump setup. I have a eliminator scorpion with the daytona bottom with a berk already installed.   The suction is about 1 1/2 lower than the sides of the boat  , the pump was set back it has no shoe or ride plate. I'm installing a 380 lb V8 with only about 400 hp. I understand these run wet and I'm not really trying to go 100mph.  I'm afraid to start buying the wrong parts because of lack of knowledge or because it"s a good deal. Most things are fairly easy to change but I would rather get in the ball park from the start. So basically I'm looking for some info on shoe thickness to start, should i run a ride plate, droop snoot, what loader grate. There is also a possibility of another 100 hp down the road with a huffer but thats probably as hot as i will go. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Several things , Photos and more info would be helpfull and re the suction ? are you maybe meaning the intake is this jet intake really set in and setback and not machined for a ride plate and shoe or is it missing them? Tom

Jet Pumps / Re: Panther Jet
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:26:04 pm »
what type of gains would i expect out of an energizer kit?  im currently 5200 rpms WOT @ 64mph.  which according to some charts and such from lazyboaters where most of the panther discussion is held is right about where it should be in terms of efficiency and rpm.  also any drawbacks of reusing the panther box as ive heard at about 70mph the hull design and intake of the panther setup is as fast as its gonna go.  ive seen a few pix from you just removing the panther all together and glassing in a real pump intake.

Our First Test boat with 455 Olds and good operating Panther Jet was 5600 rpms 55 mph , after the Energizer same boat was 4600 and 65 mph (same engine with no changes)

Jet Pumps / Re: Panther Jet
« on: September 01, 2011, 10:02:19 am »
Thanks for the info! I posted some pics Im so glad i found this web site. I still need to do some work on the interior n paint it sat for like 5 years but she runs like a fugitive!! i GPS'd mine at 57 mph. Where are some other places besides the colorado river to go. It's always a crap shoot with the wind and choppy water.

Hello Raleigh , let us know if you have questions , concerns or need parts , service or help for your Panther , we make and sell most service parts , have repaired and rebuilt dozen of these jets and well know the tricks and pitfalls of the Jet , We (JBP) also pioneered and prototyped the Original Panther Energizer kit at our shop a few years back as well as having done a dozen Panther/Berkeley swaps  Welcome to Socal Tom

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