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Test / Test soCal app
« on: March 22, 2013, 02:39:35 pm »
Testing new app

Just switched from points to HEI and went to start engine and test out everything at home before hitting the lake for more testing and found out I had no spark. Rechecked all my wiring and I had my 12 volts to power plug on cap. So I ohmed out everything wires and coil to cap all good. Tried a used known good modual same. Removed dist and checked the "hall effect sensor" by rotating dist gear, checked out ok.  :banghead: After calling Mallory every name in the book I noticed the new coil was painted black then it dawns on me the coil isnt grounding because of the black paint and on a stock coil it has no paint plus the internal ground wire on a stock GM has a star washer built into it and the Mallory doesnt. So I sanded off the paint on the 2 contact points for the ground wire and the ground bar and rechecked for spark wholla spark. I also ditched the stupid coil top that came with the dist and went with the stock GM coil cover, makes it way easier to work on for future use. Was so pissed yesterday I could of thrown a 100 yard pass with the dist. But overall went to bed happy. In the future what Im going to do is wire in a relay for the HEI to get direct battery voltage to it just make sure I have as much voltage to it as possible and get a star washer for the ground inside the cap. I'm doing the relay because I understand lower voltage kills these things along with poor grounds.
Just figured I'd share this for others if they ever have this problem.

Boats For Sale / craigslist find-NOT MINE
« on: March 18, 2013, 07:22:51 am »

Looks interesting, again not mine but who ever is looking I'd start here

Boat Showcase / Fiancee is not happy
« on: March 14, 2013, 07:54:27 am »
She tells me cant I leave well enough alone? I said after sipping a beer no.  >:D She dont like the new setup that pushes the scoop into the air. I told keep her to keep her hat on tight.

Been a Ford guy my whole life and have converted to the Chevy crowd, so this is new to me. My floater has a 1972 BBC with iron heads. I am in the porcess of switching to Victor Jr type intake and I ordered the correct intake gaskets Fel-Pro 1212. When I opened the package last night I came with 4 tin squares for plugging or restricting the exhaust crossover. The instructions are not clear to me. Do I need these squares installed with this manifold? If so 2 on both sides? Or is that only used if the manifold had an EGR? I read that I should install because it will blow out the gasket from heat and on another thread said dont because the tin will damage the aluminum intake.

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Crankcase Evacuation System
« on: March 11, 2013, 09:23:30 am »
Can a Crankcase Evacuation System be used if you still use water injection with Bassetts?
Typical set I was thinking about

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Victor Jr. intake on stock oval ports
« on: March 06, 2013, 06:41:12 am »
Happily surprised the port sizes are a perfect match, thought for sure I was going to have to remove the stock BBC heads and port match them, excellent!!! Now to call Jegs and order the rest of my little stuff, and as we know the little stuff all adds up to big dollars, fiancee will be out of town for a week so here's my chance to finish.
Left to order shouldnt be too bad:##if anyone sees something no good speak up
intake gaskets fel-pro 1212
HEI dizzy to replace my points set-up-Jegs says the Proform line has been trouble free so might look into that-later I'll order the vac delete kit
plugs- I assume just standard plugs for an HEI car/truck since my combo isnt radical-anyone?
jet kit for my Demon carb
rebuild kit for Demon
fuel feed Y to bowls
throttle cable bracket-old one hits the squirter pump arm
2" carb spacer-my little experiment.
Gascasinch, Aviation gasket sealant, and clear silicone
oil change
And this will be enough for the year, then might play with a different engine combo. Have to find, probably order a timing gun and a vacuum gauge-hard to find in stores these days. Then drop her in the lake make sure she still floats and run on the trailer, if all runs right drink beer.

I made some simple changes to boat this off season, used Demon 750 carb,Victor intake, and I'm going with an HEI instead of dual points. How do you guys test out the boats without fear it stalls in the middle of lake/river and you just float away?  :banghead: Or is there a spot with no current? Im still newish to boats but not these engines.
And oddly enough its harder to meet people up here in Kingman AZ than I expected-cuz there isn't anybody into these boats up here except for one guy. 

The No Wake Zone / My results with having 2 dumps off engine
« on: August 14, 2012, 07:43:44 am »
In my learning curve of jet boats I learned something that I wanted to share so that other newbies dont make the same mistake. I changed up my new to me boat a little because on paper and in reading it made sense about having too much water pressure in my block. Per the internet I had to have 2 -10 or 5/8's return lines off my block because if I didnt I'd have way too much pressure and possible push out gaskets and I needed a ball valve to control water to my OT Bassett headers. Well I made the changes and went out this past weekend to see how it works. At first I had a gauge on the manifold that read up to 100psi because I didnt want to over peg the gauge and break it-lol what a joke. I couldnt really get a good reading Saturday because of some factors but I didnt really see the gauge move so on Sunday at South Cove the water was like glass and I got a chance to really hammer down, oh and by the way I installed a 15 psi gauge. Under full throttle I only saw 7 psi of pressure and at idle maybe 1-2 psi. So the whole over pressurization of the block article was bull on my stockish big block. What I should of done first was installed the gauge and seen what was going on and installed a ball valve going to my spring loaded t valve for the headers. Now that I have a new hole in the back of my boat for a dump I dont need I will just add another valve to shut it off or possible insert a restrictor into the hose.
After researching this again, here, yesterday, someone already pointed this out :banghead: I guess if have a high rpm engine or upgraded jet you dont need this, maybe :screwy: But even though its my fault for not looking here first thanks to everyone that has posted on this subject earlier. 

The Parker Strip / Heading out to Parker today
« on: August 11, 2012, 07:17:10 am »
If anyone else from here is going say hi or Ill see ya there.

The No Wake Zone / Water filter questions
« on: August 06, 2012, 07:37:00 am »
What do you guys like or is it really needed? Can one be made from materials from say Home Depot?

Overall weekend was good but learned a few things. The plant life growing at Pirates Cove launch ramp is crazy!! With that being said this was my first time out and thankfully I was with someone who knew better. Launched the floater and beached it to make sure all was good water temp, oil pressure, and no leaks. Took boat out and couldn't believe all the crap growing and floating around I went out around 10:30/11:00. Idled to the river, and was surprised how bad jet boats steer when idling ok no biggy. I get to the river and rev the engine a little to get water into the exhaust, yes its over the transom Bassett's and then jumped on it-the boat's rpms flew to 5000k but we hardly moved, told to shut it down right away. Now keep in mind the engine water temp stayed around 125-130*F the whole time. I was told we sucked up shit into the grate and I had to jump in and clear it out. Ok done. Restart it up and go again boat did better but no water outa exhaust. We headed back to trailer and reloaded boat and removed inspection cover-loaded with more plant life. So after cleaning I looked around and saw about 4 waverunners beached and flipped on their sides removing the same shit. So I learned these boats are strong but not stronger than a simple weed, and running chrome headers with restricted water flow will blue them real quick-shit!! Needless to say after all said and done took it out again only to find oil coming out of the dipstick under WOT. Removed breathers to check for blowby pressure under throttle nothing, only to discover the oring is missing from cheap chrome dipstick.  BTW what are you guys running for oil pressure at idle 1100 rpms? Im showing roughly 80 to me thats high I would think 60 would be more than enough I'm running 15w40 oil now and might go to a 10w30 to bring the pressure down some.

The boat I just picked up has a dual points distributor and I want to convert to a HEI setup. My thoughts were to go to the salvage yard and grab one from something. Small block and big block are the same I believe,yes? I just have to remove the resistor in my wiring and give a 12 volt supply to HEI, tach should just plug right in. Remove and lock out vacuum advance, thats it right? My engine is a 454 1972 4 bolt main. Any HEI better than another?

With my background in drag cars and none in jetboats what does everyone bring to the lake for "just in case supplies?" Basic tool kit, set of plugs, carb kit, BFH, high temp silicone, screwdrivers, extra battery, allen keys, tow rope, and the tried and true duct tape? I'd love to hear what you guys bring.
Also while on the subject what checks do you do before leaving home and right before dropping the boat? I know last year at telephone cove I seen some guys coming back to shore under full throttle with the nose of the boat straight up in the air and then slam into the beach only to find out they forgot to reinstall the drain plug.  :banghead: Maybe even get a few extra drain plugs?

The No Wake Zone / New guy saying hi from Havasu
« on: July 23, 2012, 02:39:17 pm »
Just jumped in and joined the jetboat club, I'm new to jetboats but not the performance engine side of drag cars so for me its a win win situation. Hope to meet up some of you around here. Me and the misses will be out this weekend possibly at Pirates Cove or up and down the river. Just bought a 1978 Southwest T body with a Chevy 454 which has been my dream boat for a while now. The boat is in excellent shape and needs nothing, for now.

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