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The No Wake Zone / Re: tired of working on a jet boat!!!!!!!
« on: August 17, 2009, 12:34:21 pm »
f-ing jet boat............Run the boat, But the carb was f-ed up. So I rebuilt another one. Second dum move, first was buy it for the wife. Should have buy another outboard. Know I remember why a sold the last one. Be on to the problem, The rebuilt carb idles at 2000rpm and won't go lower.  :banghead: I guess that's what I get for do it my self. Oh wait I get that carb from a friend (ban member) ;D  I have to look at it some more. I think I know what it is maybe. oh well. what do you want from a low low, cheap cheap jet boat. A deal isn't always a good thing..... :banghead: I quess I can take out the motor and put two trolling motors in and be just as fast ;) to much work. just had to air it out. tomorrow I will fix it. :screwy:

Plug that big 1/2" nipple on the back your new carb...since you don't have a brake booster on the boat, and it'll probably idle a bit better....if that's not it, take your vac. advance line off the bottom of the carb and plug it in on top of the carb (ported vacuum vs. manifold vacuum)...that 10° or so tends to change the idle significantly.

Boat Racing / Re: Long Beach 2009 Re-Cap
« on: August 12, 2009, 09:42:27 pm »
your welcome ;) it felt good to be in the mix again.

It was kinda fun...wasn't it.  I haven't crewed for over a year now...I kinda miss McGyver'n shit back together. 

Brad, awesome performance considering you're running a Ford.   ;D  I'm glad I could help...I'll be at the next race and I'll have my bag of tricks with me next time.  I'll keep it running and Ralph and Pops can keep it running good. 

Jet Pumps / Need Pics of detailed berk bowls
« on: August 12, 2009, 09:35:49 pm »
...was looking at mine tonight and can see that it could use some work.  If ur gonna tell me that I should take out my wallet and leave it to the pros...please go away.  I'm a boat owner w/ an unemployed spouse and I bought a house last year, therefor I'm it ain't gonna happen.  I've got a pile of die grinders and a drawer full of sander rolls and carbides, so I figure I can waste away a couple evenings on it and it can't hurt.  Just looking for pics of how far others have gone.


Boat Racing / Um...Brad?
« on: August 10, 2009, 11:17:13 pm »
Figured...ya know, since you own the place an all...we'd have a proper race report....we're waiting.

The No Wake Zone / Re: What do you guys tow with?
« on: August 10, 2009, 09:20:58 pm »
Diesel equals durability. Plain and simple. Last much much longer and the high price to get into one will be offset by the benefit of the power and longevity of it. Just my opinion which is completely bias because I drive a huge F250 Power Stroke. Fuel mileage sucks. I get about 10 MPG no matter if I'm pulling my 4K lb boat, a 25K house, or just turning those big ass tires. Chicks dig it.

OK, but what does "ford" equal....(durability isn't the word I have in mind).

In 60K miles, I've had to replace the shifter knob in my toyota cuz the stitching started to come out.  I change the oil every 5K miles...

How many Ford 6.0 (sicko) diesels have eaten EGR valves and EGR coolers...resulting in engine failure?  Durable right? 

Will any of you keep your trucks to the 300K - 400K mark?  I doubt it.  In which case, what is the concern with durability?

-Pat  .... who's had a few drinks tonight and is here only to stir the pot........

Engines / Engine Parts For Sale / WTB: carb adapter..4500 to 4150
« on: August 10, 2009, 04:20:43 pm »
trying to dump the duals and run a single dominator...I have a manifold for a 4150.  Need the adapter to stick a 4500 on it. 

Yeah, I know it's hack, but so is the rest of my boat so it should work well. ;D

Engine Mechanical / Electrical / Re: dual carb fuel????
« on: August 10, 2009, 04:18:06 pm »
Funny, I was looking at mine last weekend contemplating doing the same thing...but I was kinda drunk so I decided against it.

Looks liike someone just drilled out the bowl, tapped it for 1/4" pipe threads and screwed a nipple in there.  That is not stock.  They even left the stock transfer tubes in there.  That shouldn't affect the rebuild...they just have a couple extra holes in 'em.  Make sure that the needle valve actually closes off that new fuel inlet though...I dunno how thick the bowl casting is right there, they might have drilled through so fuel flow is bypassing the needle valve, thus...your problem.


The No Wake Zone / Re: What do you guys tow with?
« on: August 10, 2009, 10:12:55 am »
I never understood why people think they need a 3/4ton diesel rig to tow a little jet boat.  W/ the trailer, you're boat probably weighs what...4000lbs?  Maybe? 

I use a V6 2WD tacoma to tow everything with a tongue on it.  I've towed my old racecars on heavy ass dual axle trailers, towed on a dolly, I've towed 2 or 3 different boats with it too.  I have no problem holding 75 or better up the hills with a trailer in tow in 6th gear, although I try to keep it around 65-70 most of the time.  I might get a 4WD tacoma next time to make it a bit easier to get up the ramp, but my little truck works fine.  My folks tow their boat (19ft outboard) with a 97 AWD ford Aerostar...and it does great.


The No Wake Zone / Re: Our first lake trip RUINED!!!!!!!
« on: August 02, 2009, 08:08:31 pm »
Yeah...Left that at on a shelf in my garage.  Beat up my nozzle a bit dragging it over the rocks around the accident. 

It'll buff out.  ;D

I'll bring your's back this week....with my luck it'll spontaniously combust and burn my house down.

The No Wake Zone / Re: Our first lake trip RUINED!!!!!!!
« on: August 02, 2009, 06:03:04 pm »
Well...this story should make you feel better.

Left LB about 8:45 Wed. night for the caught up in traffic on the 10 before indio while they were doing construction...that lasted about an hour and a half.  Got to the river about 1:30 or 2...can't remember.  

Put the boat in the water Thurs. morning...noticed a "running water" sound after I tied it up at the beach.  After some investigation, noticed one of my cav plates bent like a pringles chip (dunno WTF happened there) and uncovered some previously used holes in the bottom of the hull.   Boat came back outta the water, spend the afternoon fixing that.

Boat back in the water on Friday morning...let the chick drive.  She was making a pass and all of a sudden a couple pops and dead in the water.  Paddled in and made it to our beach.  The nut fell off of the alternator lug, where I have my main power wire tied in.  Box o' tricks only has 1/4-20 1/4-28 nuts.  Crap.  Went to parker, got the right nut....back up and running.

Fire it up to take a quick run down to the beach by the hotel to see who was there and it takes a shit halfway spark.  Got towed in to the ramp by the hotel and a ride back up to BR Rv park.  Got the truck and went down to the lower ramp to pick up the boat.  I'm kinda pissed.  Get the boat on the trailer and just used the bow strap...figured I'm only going a 1/2 mile...don't need the other 3...I was wrong.....hit the brakes coming down the hill into the RV park and the boat put a nice crater in my tailgate.  Dammit.  Tied it to a tree and pulled it back right on the trailer.  Proceded to get drunk that night while sitting safely in my beach chair so I couldn't **** up anything else.  Woke up in the morning and diagnosed a crapped out MSD box.  Went to parker and found one at Parker auto parts.  got somemore goodies and $300 bucks later and back at the park.  wired up the new box and fired, lets put it in the water.  Ran it all afternoon and nothing broke.  Chick was driving it up to ramp in the evening to pull it out and it sputtered, then quit on her approach...followed by a nice emission of electrical smoke....200 feet from the ramp.  Flagged a guy down on a sea-doo to tow it in after I had her hit the deadman switch.  

The big hot and ground wires on the MSD cooked the insulation off of them.  I can't see any evidence of arcing against anything metal in the area, so maybe the box shorted out inside?  I dunno.  

Bad accident on rice road on the way home...rollover and another car on fire (I wasn't involved...apparently the guy upstairs figured I'd already paid my dues this weekend)....road blocked, only way through was off road.  My truck is pretty low (from the factory)...and I picked a nice line through the brush managing only to tear off my rear valance...which happens to be a $400 part at the paint.

So, D'ya feel better now?  Quit whining about your little wheel bearing.   :thumbup:

Oh yeah...almost forgot.  Saturday after fixing the MSD issue, the alternator fan (behind the pulley) decided to cry uncle and come apart in 3 least the bottom of the boat and the gas tank slowed it down before it hit my leg. 

on the brite side, I only went through 2 alternator belts this weekend. ;D


Lower River / Re: Post Fathers day
« on: June 24, 2009, 10:02:52 pm »
This is my first jet....I guess I gotta remember...don't air it out and let the motor go to 8 grand then load the pump and pull it down to 6 grand real quick.  Don't worry didn't eat your loader....I'll bring it next week 'for I screw that up too.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  New bitchen whizbangbadass pump is going in on Saturday.  I'll be at the river on the 4th if I can find enough change in the couch to cover gas.

Lower River / Re: Post Fathers day
« on: June 24, 2009, 09:45:55 pm »

Twisted splines, what's left of the bearing.....the rest of the balls rolled out the drain plug on the ramp.  Some impeller and suction housing carnage....that's what I get for running a chevy.  Ford's couldn't make the power to do all this  ;D

Thankfully I've got the water pisser coming out the side of the boat right next to the drivers seat, so when the fitting clogged with impeller shrapnel and it stopped pumping water...temp gauge shot up to 200+, I saw it quick and I shut it down.  Checked crank endplay and its still good.  I'd have pissed if it hurt the motor.

Lower River / Re: Post Fathers day
« on: June 24, 2009, 08:27:33 pm »
Great pics.  I was in the solid white tunnel thing....met up with some of you at the island and then we headed to the cove upriver a bit later on Sat.  It was nice meeting those of you that I talked to, but it was my second time in the water with the boat so I wanted to go run it around a bit.  All went well till I blew up the pump saturday on my way to the lauch ramp. 

Will be back in action for the 4th at Big River. 

Lower River / Re: Fathers Day * JUNE 19 -21*
« on: June 15, 2009, 11:52:38 am »
I'm new here...Ralph told me about the gathering this weekend, I'm gonna try and make it out there.  I'll be at upriver a at the RV 118 if anyone else staying there wants to come by for a beer. 

Anyone got some time Wed. afternoon to go out to elsinore and make sure my junk floats?  Just got it put together...I haven't had it on the water yet.  I'd prefer a boat ride back to shore instead of swimming.. ;D

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