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  • Boat #1: 1975 mandella stepdeck
  • Boat #1 Details: 20' flat bottom mini cruiser. 468 tunnelram BBC. Brummett prepped 990 heads.234/238@0.50 .513" 110 lsa  Schnieder hyd. flat tappet. TRW forged dome tops. Weiand hi-ram Holley 650 vac. Sec. Msd pro billet Mech dist. Blaster 2 coil msd wires and plugs. Bassett shortys. Dry. Direct drive casale toploader with 8* gears OJ legend 12x15 3 blade. Ran 60~ all day with 4+a cooler. Just your average family flat.
  • Boat #2: 1972 Howard 20' GN.
  • Boat #2 Details: It's red white and flies... Lol. Power: lew Larson built 572ci MKIV shortdeck bowtie stroker. Ohio billet crank. Oliver rods CP forged flattop blower pistons. RHS pro elite 375cc heads ported by Larson. Comp ultra magnum roller rockers manton pushrods clay smith 312/312 .781"114lsa solid roller k-pac springs. Manley valves. Water-cooled mooneyham 6-71 Teflon stripped spun at 20% over (6psi.)  dual 1150 dominators msd 6a box. Clay smith fuel pump Holley reg. I lightning headers.  Casale 12* split case (32 gears) art Carr spline driven reverse manual th400. Menkens radiece 12x15 3 blade steel. Would love to take credit for this one but I purchased it in current layout. Flat out flies.
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